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    poker, sports, singing, writing, hanging out in the sunshine with great friends.... doesn't that sound so typical?
  1. gonna be ''going'' soon if i don't stop getting sick. I feel my death bed coming!
  2. Hee hee Probably, but you gonna have to talk to me hun, just a little tip. I would love to talk to you more often, coach ya in poker lol so you don't play 10 5 anymore
  3. Why am i not on the board? I sent in the 0.03 cents and got a sharkscope account
  4. Do you live close to San Fran? If so where abouts?
  5. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day!
  6. I finally caught up on survivor and i must say. Shannon so glad to see him gone. I can't stand the chick on the younger tribe who has a go at Kelly B (girl with one leg) and Fabio as the tribe calls him. I don't like marty either, he is definitely not the brightest crayon in the box.Last week. I think JJ shot himself in the foot saying he was weak.I don't like the medallion either or the one challenge per week. Marty... i think had a huge clash of power.... along with Jimmy T. Tyrone and Kelly B are the only sane ones i have to agree, but i think Jane (from the older tribe) is pretty sane also
  7. omg that was horrible! LOLumm lets see, i think he had more outs than the idiot from the AX vs my flopped flush hand though
  8. Ummm that's a tough choice... both like such horrible teams... hmmm... well don't know much about either... so at this time i can't decide... Mr Iowa is making a good impression though
  9. well i would prefer AC not my name or a version of it.
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