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  1. Maybe my reading comprehension is a little off here, but I can see taking this slightly differentlythan DN did. A perfect example occurred recently. Without my approval, a banner ad featuring three prominent players was used by a WPT affiliate to drive people to our online poker site. Within an hour of hearing about the ad, I had it removed not because we were legally obligated to, but because the players asked us to and we take their concerns seriously."To me it kind of reads that they were legally obligated to remove it, but Lipscomb removed it because he put the players concerns even above
  2. Without know anything about how Master D was playing, when he calls your raise on the turn and then checks the river, I would check it down since I hadn't improved throughout this hand. (I don't count 2's pairing the board improving your hand).When he called your raise on the turn and checked the river I would have been looking out for a check raise. His bad for not doing it IMO.
  3. He couldn't agree to a contract letting him play the big games at Bellagio.There have been rumors, but read about it here.http://www.gamingtoday.com/index.cfm?artic...4244&AIN=598248
  4. Antonio Esfandiari = Tool of the CenturyMakes me want to see Tony G take him down at a final table and rub it in. :evil:
  5. Not safe to walk to your car anyway. You should always valet at card clubs. If you are a big winner you don't want to walk out to the back corner of the parking lot. By the way if you decide to play Holywood Park make sure that you are packing heat, and plan on playing against the homeless.That's why it's always good to play there the first few days of the month. You can tables full of players with fresh wellfare/unemployment/food stamp/alimony/childsupport/disability money in their pockets. Stay away at the end of the month. Tight players grinding until their next deposit. LOL
  6. If you're driving then be sure to valet at either Commerce or the Bike. Parking is a female dog on weekend nights.
  7. If you're driving then be sure to valet at either Commerce or the Bike. Parking is a bitch on weekend nights.
  8. He must have been replying as I was typing my message. I didn't have the check-raise all-in info when I replied. If I had known that then I would have commented that IMO that play was too aggressive unless he knows this players style inside out. But that's just me, since I'm generally tight-aggressive.
  9. I'd probably have kicked myself a little for not betting my top pair (despite the mid-kicker) on the flop to see where I stood relative to the other players still involved. If you had bet and got raised, then you have some good info and could have gotten out cheaply if you wanted to. Since you checked, without a raise, you're probably defensive the rest of the way. Since you said you have a rep for being L/A, but everyone noticed you were playing T/A on this particular evening, a check - raise probably would have done you well in this spot. That falls in line with you being chip leade
  10. "Coffee, Tea, or Me?" http://www.hootersair.com/
  11. I'm sure DN is getting a great return on whatever money he's put into this site. Maybe a donation to a worthy charity in DN's name would be a better idea.
  12. Nothing wrong with checking on the river there, in the face of a presumed flush draw. You knew you were ahead the whole time and were able to build up the pot a little. Be glad you took it down, didn't get sucked out, and were able to identify a tight-weak player at the table you could go after throughout the session. Now if you had gotten cute and slow played and ended up with nothing in the pot holding such a strong hand, then you'd have reason to start pulling your hair out.
  13. They'll stick it in a prime time slot, with a great lead in, and it might do well for a couple of weeks. I'll put the over/under at 6 episodes.
  14. Wynn Las Vegas is like everything Wynn does - big, bold, and unique. I've seen it up close since it's been topped off and if it's possible for a building to dominate the LV skyline (Stratosphere included) this is it so far.
  15. The big game is mostly at the Bellagio. I wouldn't be surprised to see that change a little when Wynn opens. The Commerce Casino in L.A. also has a very active high limit area - regular 400-800, 1,000-2,000 games, but I doubt anything gets as large, as frequently, as it does at Bellagio. Probably mostly when a major tourneyment rolls through.
  16. Almost unwatchable. I lasted about 10 minutes. :wall:
  17. The Monte Carlo has a nice, but small room. Real cozy and a quality staff. Good location too if you're staying there. Right next to sports book, room elevators and lobby. Only about 11 tables though. No tourneys.
  18. The Chumash poker room is decent, but I've only been up there on weekends when the entire casino is busy and the waiting lists have been long. I seem to remember them having 20+ tables. I go up there to play 21 anyway. They have some pretty liberal blackjack rules like being able to re-split aces 4x and playing multiple spots without having to double and triple the minimums.Chumash is not the place to go to drink though. They don't sell, much less give away free drinks at the tables. There is only one restaurant there that serves beer and booze and you have to order food to get a drink p
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