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  1. Read Caros Book of Tells. After I read it I relized I was giving off information I did not even know about. I doubt the low-limit players are looking at these types of things but it can only help.
  2. The way I see it is that Hoyt had been stealing alot of blinds and thought that the villian noticed this and was making a resteal.
  3. Its funny I happen to catch this post as I just started reading it yesterday. The first few chapters seemed great, straight to the point. Should be a nice easy read.
  4. Wow I think this thread is right up there with the mucking the nuts thread.
  5. Wow I was actully searching for this post a few days ago. I think their s some good low-limit strategy in here.
  6. Its funny that this post just came up as I just got my first royal flush today. It was on Pstars on the penny table as I was waiting for my tourney to start. It was of spades and i hit runner runner for it. I was excited and always herd that big hands like that dont get paid off but i thought it would be more than 50 cents :-) . It was of spades btw.
  7. He will be back, nobody can really quit. :-)
  8. Hey Vatche sorry to bother you if your busy but can you look up iraise2456 on party. thanks
  9. Adam Boston, MA: Any insights on the big match going on right now with Andy Beal? Why isn't your brother in the corporation this time? Annie Duke: (5:22 PM ET ) I assume my brother will play. There are a bunch of players that are going to play him, Todd Brunson, Ivey, Harmon, etc. I'm pretty sure the first day, Andy won. It's an interesting thing because people look at that and say that Andy has lost a lot to them. Interestingly enough, it's probably not as true as people think it is. Andy has spent a lot of years learning the game. He's improving and obviously he's a smart guy. It's the natu
  10. Now this is what i call a quality post.The things ppl think of. :roll:
  11. Thanks Mike keep us updated. I really enjoy your blog by the way, love to here about the games going on in vegas. I wonder why they switched to the Wynn instead of using the bellagio?
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