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  1. Most of the trip is on my parents, they're part of the vacation club thing now for the last few years, so they're taking us down. I would never pay for this. My nieces will have a good time though. and I'm looking forward to the beer.
  2. Something to do with the ten year anniversary of another oklahoma plane crash, I think. Are there really crashes every day?
  3. There's like at least a 1% chance beans was flying that oklahoma state coaches plane, right? Not a good story
  4. That theraflu sure is some kind of something! All anyone is talking about is theraflu! What cold remedying powers!
  5. I was a week off with my information; ten minute preview/making of. Looks so. So good. http://www.makinggameofthrones.com/product...es-feature.html
  6. I hear they lead to some good 'ole fashioned rape too, so there's that.
  7. Maybe the way you do it. All pain and misery for me, pal.
  8. I linked to the preview, or at least the imdb page., it looks fantastic.
  9. Speedz, I was referencing napa's shitting video from years ago. Thanks. Classes weren't too bad. Lot of the leader couples said their classes were like 6 weeks long. I use over 2000 texts a month.
  10. I know, right? Imagine if someone from this site showed up at your door uninvited and out of the blue. Seems like that would be a story you'd have to tell.
  11. what can you "find"? What are the options for what he's "doing"? I don't know what the possibilities are aside from him just being a good player.
  12. Corona isn't very heavy to begin with, can't imagine how pissy the light is. I mentioned a couple years ago when I first saw the torpedos; they are delicious.I think beans has had a few adventures with them too. A 6 pack usually will take care of me for an evening. The magic hat H.I.P.A.'s are also capable of performing the task.Sierra has a new brown ale out called tumbler. Its kind of their oktoberfest and is pretty tasty. Only sierra I've had that isn't loaded up on hops. Still a good beer though.
  13. Fantasy football is stupid and based 90% on luck.its only massively popular because its simple. So simple, in fact, that women can actively participate in it. Don't feel bad if your team sucks; over 90% of teams don't win to begin with.
  14. just bump a few more lines, you'll be as good as, hell, better than new.
  15. Maddux used to throw mid 90s but leaned that he didn't need it.its zambrano, and he's more crazy than he is burnt out.
  16. He hasn't said anything about my favorite national league team of the last three months either. aroldis pitched last night, looked great, had the whole stadium (all 20000 of them) on their feet in a five- run game. Plus you know, the little triple crown chase that's occurring.
  17. Is his first book that good? I saw a review of the new one in entertainment weekly, and was mildly intrigued. You've sold me, I'll check it out.
  18. I have no problem making offers with 1% chances of acceptance. There is also the same percentage chance I'd be able to convince my fiance that it wouldn't be a big deal. "But honey, she's only slept with like one, maybe two americans she met on the poker forum."
  19. Pets are unethical and serve no useful purpose except to exacerbate humans need to control everything around them
  20. Yes, the suspense in valkyrie really had me on the edge of my seat.Note: I haven't seen valkyrie.
  21. It certainly is my moderately successful friend
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