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  1. I'm glad someone else said it. "SNAP" call usually means you set someone up and couldn't wait to get your chips in the middle. I'd tank here and probably fold. The play up to this point was okay, but I honestly would have raised a little bit more with the limper coming in. You don't want a multiway pot and sometimes it's okay to take down a pot pre flop with a large pocket pair this late in a tourney. I understand wantting to extract as many chips as you can with premium hands, but this is so far from a made hand on this flop that aggression and making this person pay to outdraw you would be k
  2. THIS is how I learned how to play poker and I absolutely clean up on these tables. Here are some suggestions and rules to follow:1. Establish a solid poker image of TAG (Tight Aggressive)2. Buyin for the table max and spend the first hour playing ABC getting reads from people. Don't get into trickery or doing anything outside of collecting information and looking to exploit the weak, trap the tricky or stack off on the donkeys that overplay top pair/chase every draw (even gut shots).3. I learned this from Daniel, get involved in conversation with guys about what they do, how often they play an
  3. I lost a hand last night almost exactly like this playing exactly like this and started thinking it through. Consider a couple of things for a minute:1. There is a potential flush and straight draw here.2. Although you know you are ahead now no ones hand is really defined. I like the flop play. I would probably have done the same of leading just to look like I hit the 5 and were probing. In fact this is what I did last night. The turn you probably should have led with a 1/2 pot bet and hoped he reraised OR c/r. I would prefer the first because on a reraise from him you could get it in against
  4. Consider Justin Bonomo doing his thing on top of Sorel getting popped for this. It's just a prime example of the Bernie Madoff's of the world aren't isolated to 1 industry.
  5. Recent Results Show Last 250 Results (1 Search) GameID Date (EDT) Type EntryFee Position Profit 304033595 23-Aug-10 13:35 NL Holdem $5 1/9 $17 304017062 23-Aug-10 13:00 NL Holdem $5 1/9 $17 304017012 23-Aug-10 12:36 NL Holdem $5 3/9 $3.50 303999497 23-Aug-10 11:58 NL Holdem $5 5/9 -$5.50 303996042 23-Aug-10 11:44 NL Holdem $5 8/9 -$5.50 303996087 23-Aug-10 11:34 NL Holdem $5 1/9 $17 303994176 23-Aug-10 11:18 NL Holdem $5 2/9 $8 303963431 23-Aug-10 09:08 NL Holdem $5 1/9 $17 303963450 23-Aug-10 09:08 NL Holdem $5 3
  6. I was playin the 4buxers. I will single table those or play one of those while grinding $5 and $10 SNG's. This is me moving up from the $4 to the $5.50 SNG's:GameID Date (EDT) Type EntryFee Position Profit 303996087 23-Aug-10 11:34 NL Holdem $5 1/9 $17 303994176 23-Aug-10 11:18 NL Holdem $5 2/9 $8 303963431 23-Aug-10 09:08 NL Holdem $5 1/9 $17 303963450 23-Aug-10 09:08 NL Holdem $5 3/9 $3.50 I'm back in the +ROI since coming back to poker too. I think my problem was trying to change too much at once and not handling the multiple suck outs well and then tilti
  7. This is a no brainer call. Just blame everyone else when he has the straight. How did the hand end?
  8. I just figured out a major issue in my multi tabling. I'm not playing my optimal poker due to playing emotionally. I just had someone run down my top two pair on a beautiful trap i laid for him. I managed to get this guy to make a huge mistake and call an all in with just top pair when I hit top two. He managed to hit runner runner flush. I then caught myself tilting off the next hand I played on another table.Now, in the KO SNG's this happens a lot due to people making wild plays with trash trying to head hunt. When I single table these tournies it's a lot easier to keep cool. I at least get
  9. I had a crap day in SNG's yesterday dropping my recent + ROI to - in MTT's and SNG's. My cash game ROI was around 37% at the $25 and +12% at the $50 level. Eba, to your suggestion I did line my cash games on the right side and my MTT's/SNG's on the left. I managed to run pretty deep in a couple of MTSNG's and improve some of my results late after doing this.I did move up in stakes and I have seen a significant impact on the sense of play where I can semi bluff and bluff and have it work. I did get a few cooler/donked in the last few SNG's I played. I reraised and shoved preflop with Aces and h
  10. i've been running poorly for 3 days and sunday has been no exception in tournies. I am up about 212 today playing cash. I seem to
  11. I want all three. The game has been frustrating for the last 3 days and I believe it's due to the mixing of games.
  12. ANOTHER horrid day playing SNG's. I even moved up to $5 and $50 Cash. I crushed cash for $75 and proceeded to lose about $40 on buyins in SNG's.
  13. We have a winner!There is a TON of dead money early and I want to capitalize on any edge I have to get the most chips early in a tournament. I always immediately rebuy, if I am playing in my bankroll limit and I always add-on.
  14. **Warning: This may be a little long winded, but i'm looking for responders to take this thread serious since i'm pretty serious about this transition**About 3 years ago I was a very profitable online player but I would play a very TAG/home run hitter approach. I took some time off from the game online, exclusively playing cash games, MTT's and SNG's at casinos. During my times of playing as a semi-professional in a live setting I switched my game to a more small ball approach. About 1 month ago I came back to the game online and realize just how different the environment is now and that I re
  15. Brother, you only flopped trip aces. You can only use 2 cards in your hand, but you have to use 2 cards. Basically you have your own outs on a flop and potential straight board. I'd bet this with the understanding that if a J, 10 or any Diamond gets there you are no good. You have the stone cold nuts, at the moment.
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