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  1. Fold now. Bet the turn, you're ahead most of the time and its pretty unlikely you get bluff raised here often at all.
  2. So seems things are still the same here these days. First time jumping on fcp in a whileCongrats on solid month zach. Lets play at some point. 1 table of hu lhe seems pretty alright. Id imagine if you play the same person on more then one table it wouldnt be to bad but otherwise would def seem tough to play optimally.Jordan jump on aim. Havent seen you on in forever. Also I somehow just heard your message today from like 2 months ago. Im lazy and dont check voicemails to often so my bad on that =/Iggy find a game thats not ridiculously high variance. My roomate has similar issues to y
  3. 4-betting KK and folding to a shove is generally pretty bad. If thats your plan you're far better off just calling the players 3-bet in just about every possibly scenario.In a multi way pot its obviously much more reasonable to fold KK.As far as DN and his jump into high stakes online. Hes somewhat outclassed but since he'll only 1 table and won't do anything straight up retarded I dont think you'll really see him put up any huge up or down sessions. Edit: btw just to back up my point. It just seems unlikely that DN would be better at NL HU then players who have logged thousands more hands
  4. Iggy quitting poker is probly the way to go....seriously
  5. Ridiculously flawed argument btw.Basically saying that variance doesnt exist in poker and its all based on how you game select and playing good.Sure its possible to practice amazing game selection and have less variance and a higher winrate but ultimately you'll be making less $ because you will be unable to put in nearly as many hands. Overall I think this shows the big difference between online and live. Live with the games being far softer and a def edge being gained by being able to pick up physical tells you'll be playing in games where your edge is far greater so when you have a losing
  6. Yet somewhat standard for the stakes you play.Nice comeback
  7. Ill play if there is still room.Kingsofcards on stars.Also I dont know if the OP realizes but under the private tab their are special hu matches already set up. .01 cent buyin + a .01 cent rebuy. So you'd be able to play 3 300 bb deep matches at no cost.
  8. Hmmm if you take this line you basically cant fold ever.Cant believe so many people advocating a fold. Our line looks so FOS since we just risked having the flop checked thru on a really drawy board. Id snap call and be pretty happy about it.Btw i just dont think people understand how much more aggressive 5/10 sh plays then lower stakes or live games.
  9. Im missing about 5k dollars cause some of my hands were played on my laptop. But heres a general idea of my last 5 days.
  10. Mmm so got back from turningstone on monday. Trip went kind of meh but was fun.Been playing lots of hu lately. +25kish this past week, so def been fun. (mainly 2/4 and 3/6)
  11. MMM plan something for later in the week and id turn out. Problem is I wake up at 8 pm every day.
  12. 24 hr room service and some random 24 hr convenience shops basically make buying munchies unnecessary.
  13. This should be get a few people together and see how they plan msnl.
  14. Im gonna be getting there friday afternoon some time. Later today ill send anyone whos posted my info and maybe get a dinner set up for some time this weekend.
  15. Pretty big tourney series starting this saturday. http://www.turningstone.com/gaming/poker/2...mpirestate2.php Ill be there from the 10th-20th. Plan on playing the sh tourney, the 1k and maybe the main event with cash games everywhere in between. So whos gonna be there and anyone feel like meeting up.
  16. 1600X1200. Ill take a screenshot next time I 12 table and post it.
  17. I just use a single 20.1 in dell monitor. Basically use the stars tile table function and it ends up being 4 across by 3 down. Their is a little overlap but its nothing to major. I find that its easier with the tables bunched on a single monitor then having the tables be bigger but spread across a wider space. When ive tried 2 monitors I feel like I get stuck paying to much attention to 1 monitor and falling behind on another because I have so much more screen space to cover.
  18. Practice?Slowly add tables get good at playing that many then add a few more.
  19. Shot at 2007-08-071/2 is so easy. Done in like 5 hrs 12 tabling the entire time
  20. I fold. Id probably just call the flop here normally and see what develops since you have decent position but a million people acting behind u.
  21. MMM thought i had recognized ur name at 2/4 on stars. Maybe ill run into u at tstone.
  22. Made over 30k in july so that was pretty sweet.For aug i'd like to get back to really killing 2/4 and hopefully not drop 20k at turningstone during the 10 days im there. Money wise ill set my goal at 20k and hand wise id like to put in about 60k online.
  23. MMM won a hu grudge match today at 10/20 nl so day went from bad to solid pretty quickly. While on vacation since thurs +2.9k so kind of happy with that. Hopefully finish up the month strong. I think im somewhere in the +30k range.
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