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  1. I'm quite confident that a pro of DNs caliber pays no rake at stars (like the red letter tilt pros). Not paying rake is a HUGE edge (even just playing break even poker). Paying no rake in a cash game challenge like this is absurd. The reasons this "challenge" was issued was to generate traffic for DNs sites, and poker stars. This should be quite obvious. This challenge is flawed and so will be the results.
  2. DN,Just wondering if you are paying RAKE during this "challenge"?
  3. We as humans are constantly evolving as is the earth. Evolution couldnt be possible without creation. You can't have one without the other. Whatever YOU believe, is, or will be. We all get exactly what we think most about. It matters not whether we are thinking about what we want, or do not want. We get both. Our thoughts are magnetic and dictate reality. We either intentionally create, or create by defualt. What "can't" be made into an illusion? Daniel, you are thinking about the things you do not want and it is creating turmoil in your reality. Focus on what you do want and it will come ba
  4. Its the truth. There are no shortcuts.....
  5. Why? Because you are risking all your chips on a coinflip(bcs) when one spot up the ladder is more money in a 4k guaranteed PP. It would be different if everyone had folded to your button and you pushed... but with a raise and an all in reraise you are getting the worst of it nearly every time......in that situation. kq here is an easy fold.
  6. This is the most ridiculous analogy I've seen. It's a horrible play and it lost him money as it should have *that* time. Period.
  7. It sounds as if you are trying to play out of you're leauge? Why would anyone back you? What kind of a track record do you have to even be a backable asset? Backers bank people when they feel they are getting the best of it. What have you won that would make a backer want to gamble on your skills? You honestly arnt a backable asset or people would be asking to back you instead of you asking how to get backed.Win a seat, then win again, and back yourself! P.S What does this mean "basic Semi-Serious Poker Player? Not a comment a potential "backer" would smile at. lol
  8. To answer your question. Yes it was dumb. You donked off all your chips and lost. Learn from it is all you can do. :!:
  9. I'm glad I keep my chat off when playing online. It makes for better play. IMO
  10. Your did exactly the wrong thing, no matter if you won the hand or lost.<///////////////////////********
  11. smelled like a slow played set to me with the call on the flop and the raises on the turn....Aces were toast and you have to be able to know when to lay them down after the flop and when not to. That game with such small blinds you will get called by everyone. Thats not the best game to try and beat. Unless you favor luck.
  12. if you are set on making a stand here then limp and make your move on the flop or even the turn. Let him trap himself and then U bluff all in. That way you can feel it out without risking all your chips with A3o which 5 handed on the bubble is a bad bad play. The maniac will call an all in preflop with damn near anything 80% of the time. Even they wake up to a real hand here and there not to mention what they "think" is a good hand....By limping and seeing the flop you can win two ways. You may actually hit, or you can make a move which forces him to have a real hand or he is making a horrible
  13. 1/6th of the pot is a easy read bet abd far too small, but not my point. Obviously you bet wrong on the flop. You should have at least bet the pot on the flop with top pair overkicker and a backdoor st8 draw. Oushing isnt a bad play either as it looks like a bluff and mid pair will pay you off in these LL shootouts....After letting him see the river and it falls spade your dead usually as he was drawing at something... or he was slowplaying a set....How are you not all in on the turn? If he hit his straight he hit it, nothing you can do. At least he had to make a HORRIBLE call to beat you whic
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