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  1. I miss watching the World Cup games. I wish there were more soccer games aired on TV. I am looking forward to watching the MLS All-Star game where the MLS All Stars play Manchester United. Although it's kind of sad that it takes the best of our whole country to play one good team from the English Premiere League.
  2. Will they be the Santa Clara Niners? Although technically the Giants and Jets should be the New Jersey Giants and Jets. That just sounds bad. As far as McNabb, I'd rather have Smith right now and wait for a better QB. McNabb is getting old and I'm sure his price tag is a little too high for what you get.
  3. I live in the Indy area and I'm a huge Colts fan. It would be awesome to see the Colts make the Super Bowl not this year but the following year when it will be held in Indy. It's not too often that the home team of that years Super Bowl has a good chance of making it. Miami was decent but not good enough. I guess the Saints could make it when it's held in New Orleans.
  4. I'd put Kobe in the top five even though he is older than the other guys. As of right now, I would have Lebron, Wade, Dwight Howard, Garnett and Carmelo. As far as a classic team, I'd have Magic, Jordan, Miller, Thomas and Rodman.
  5. I think they'll go far in the playoffs and probably play the Celtics for the conference championship. As far as ticket sales and marketing though, they'll make a killing. Just as the thread title says, I think there will be a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon and buying jerseys and hats and tickets whenever they come to play their hometown team.
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