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  1. I'd play an MTT, but my site barely has a player base as it is!
  2. Hey tanner guy... uh.. tanning is bad for your skin. ****, I'm not creative...
  3. Several months ago I snapped into conscious while standing over a pool table the next morning with dried vomit all over my shirt. Why couldn't I remember myself waking up? Enough Jager = Time travel
  4. Wow, this is actually happening. Isn't it?
  5. Hahah, begging?Well, today I won a free entry to some GTD - it's like an $11 ticket. Don't know why I played that one. I actually had a cash streak going on my noobish low-stakes SnGs and MTTs, but it snapped at 6 when I lost a 70-30 split against a higher stack. Guy started to trash talk me, so I'm considering snapping a pic of my balls and E-mailing them to him.
  6. Well, I learned a lesson today: Freerolls are counter-productive. I placed 16th out of the 3k or so, but I only made myself a cool $5. Oh well, for me it's another table buy-in. I should probably look into a site that has more than a few thousand players at a time.
  7. Except it's THOSE kind of posts that really let you know about a guy. Unless you really did make no sense.. I'd still give you props for successfully navigating the internet without Rick'rollin yourself 100 times.
  8. So I probably should have money on PS, huh? I had trouble with that
  9. I was rooting for those jacks to hit and get this guy into final 4
  10. I'm uh... watching it.... .... What's a rail?
  11. Oh my God! You're that guy previously mentioned in a post by that other guy!
  12. Hmmm, BR as in bankroll? Mine isn't too great, but I feel like I can steadily improve upon it. A 2nd in a tournament like that would do the trick, but I'd be pretty bummed about losing out too.
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