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  1. Loose-Passive ftw. As long as you know the basics of poker, you'll take money from the people who don't. Just remember, tptk doesn't mean squat here. Your going for nut flushes, nut str draws, and trips.
  2. Well, I would fold. In my experience, scared players rarely make a "move" after a raise and a reraise - especially when they don't have any of their own chips in the middle. And given the move was some silly min raise ploy, he has a big hand and just doesn't know how to play it properly. Player 2 seems to have a good draw and is assuming as long as 3 people are in the pot he'll play (probably nut flush here, or str flush draw) You can probably push Player 2 out, but Player 1 will go with you if he's willing to checkraise from this position. But if player 1 goes with you, player 2 might get the
  3. When you get a flush flop like this and you've hit big, you might as well bet it on the flop and represent an ace... hopefully someone with a big draw or a small flush will come over the top. Since you have both the Ace and Queen of diamonds, no one is going to be chasing a jack high flush draw. Unlike a full house, there is nothing that will improve anyone elses hand except a full house at this point. In fact, you rarely get someone trying to buy the pot because anyone with an ace high flush draw would likely call them. Given that everyone hand will likely look worse after the next card you m
  4. Why wouldn't you fold on the reraise on the flop. Kinda pointless when you've invested $40 into a small pot to get sucked in for another $375 with a pair of nines.
  5. I'd fold on the turn. He's leading out into the preflop raiser on the flop says he's either fishing for info or has nailed something big. But the turn lead bet of $6 has me folding. If I fold the best hand here, so be it. If he's stupid enough to be firing bets into a preflop raiser and a cold caller on the flop with a board like this, you'll get the money back later.As for your decision on the river here... it's without a doubt the easiest fold ever. If he's bluffing, gg to him. And you'll get his money later.
  6. If you're not willing to pay off a monster when you flop big, you'll never win at poker. BTW, if you're going to play AJ, you'll have to learn to play it. If you're out of position, check/reraise on the continuation bet and see what he does. Otherwise, don't even bother playing it to a preflop reraise unless you're playing against a donkey who raises with KT because it's suited.
  7. Tourney or Cash play? Tight table or loose table? Aggressive betters preflop? There is no right way to play them. Generally speaking, if you keep getting people folding to any raise you are either raising too much money at once, or you are not raising enough times and you can steal too many pots.
  8. Limping with KJo preflop from mid position is bad. Calling a big raise by the big stack with KJo when you are out of position is really bad. Calling the turn all-in stinks so bad it makes my farts when I eat chili and drink beer smell like roses.
  9. I reraise to about 25 on the flop, and all in on the turn.
  10. Tight weak player, 22 isn't going to get paid off preflop. That being said, if he folds all time time to reraises... well, might as well reraise
  11. Implied odds and pot odds can really only work well if you have a bit of a read on your opponents. One of the main problems is even if you "hit" this hand, you could be in very big trouble. Reverse implied odds say this hand is more trouble than it's worth unless your opponents are morons.Now I've been on tables where people are aggressive and can't lay down their overpair to a 200xBB bet. Then it's worthwhile.
  12. Does anyone know of a website that has charts of showdown equities of starting hands?
  13. All I know was Player C made an amazing call on the flop.
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