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  1. Ok no help here so I went to talk to them directly, both of them obviously claiming to be the best :-)I ended up installing PokerOffice as it felt easier to get started with them. They were like "just install the software and start up your poker table"...It wasn't that simple but I got started without any big problems and I must say after importing some hands these softwares are amazing!
  2. I'm thinking about giving on of the poker tracking softwares a chance, like PokerOffice or PokerTracker that I can see you're mentioning a few times here. They all seem to need quite lot of training and get used to though, there are thousands of functions to setup and get used to. So, for me who's new to this which software is easiest and best to start with? Important that it's easy to install and simple to get started...
  3. So I guess he's out as there are no updates here?
  4. Hows Daniel doing, can you see his results somewhere?
  5. Congratulations man! How much did you win?
  6. What is this status of this challange? Is Daniel updating and posting somewhere else?
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