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  1. No it wouldn't. It is much more aggro as you move up and people will be sticking money in for value much lighter because people bluff much lighter and have better ideas of ranges and such. The lower limits play much more passively and the money is to be made from people hitting the call button too much, not from them raising too often.I kinda think villain has a K here because pple are retarded. But I'm not folding because he shouldn't have a K evah.
  2. Jesus. That's really good dedication and shit. I'm nitty with buyins and stuff too, but...not that nitty. Haaha. You're costing yourself money dude.
  3. I wouldn't play 9, I mean you can just mix them in for a little bit and not transition all at once. I generally don't play that many tables for focus reasons and things, but I think you won't find much of a difference in skill level.And god dammit I got RT undercutting me!
  4. If your roll is $750 I would advise moving up to $25nl. If you lose 5 buyins I'd move back down. I think $750 would be the border of too risky to buy a session, it depends on how much you got out of it, which I think would be substantial, and also how important your roll is to you. Get to 1k and I think it'd be pretty +EV to get a sesh, but obv I think that cuz it's me
  5. I posted this over at 4BB but for those of you that aren't members there, here's a repost, just throwing it out there.I'm going to start offering coaching. This is not a staking arrangement and it will not be a staking arrangement, so please don't ask. I figured I would post it in SSNL because you are my target audience and would be the ones I feel would benefit from my coaching. I only feel comfortable coaching 6max nlhe and I think I'm a better deepstack player than I am 100bbs deep, but I feel like I would still be very beneficial for 100bb players.Cost of coaching: $75/session.What you
  6. I think that's pretty standard as played.
  7. Yeah I mean I can't comment with much knowledge on how they have success cbetting so much because it was my biggest leak. In general you're going to be playing bigger pots on boards where your range doesn't hit as hard as someone's c/c or c/r range. I think they're definitely the exception to the rule though and that they are playing a more difficult form of poker. I'm sure since they've logged so many hands they've figured it out, but you're going to be doing what seems to me like a lot of "guesswork" on ranges and playing bloated pots with marginal holdings a lot. IMO the benefit of posi
  8. The better you table select the less you can 3bet imo, but it is on the low side, I think 5-5.5% would be more "correct". But like, I'd 3bet regs that are on my right a lot if I was button and they were CO, but I don't often put regs on my right I have fish on my right who either are super aggro and don't fold to 3bets, or who are super passive and only raise the nuts, so against both those guys flatting > 3betting. As for aggro blinds, if they are 100bbs deep then you have to slow down a little bit and mix in 4 bet bluffs, with 4bets for value, but really I just double them up quickly so
  9. I play position insane too, I don't think it's a leak. I'm flexible, when I'm winning a lot I play more OOP and 3bet more out of blinds as a bluff, because I'm confident I'm playing well and want to take advantage of me playing well. When I'm losing I tighten the ship and become a complete rock, I think at my skill level it doesn't fluctuate too much in EV either way, I don't play enough marginal hands poorly or good enough to swing it too much. But I think if it were to lean one way it would be poorly if I'm tilting and spewing too much pf with suited connectors OOP and shit. That happens
  10. Your stats look really good. I'd warn against cbetting at 77%, especially because I'm assuming you're not usually heads up at micros. My cbet is reallllllllly low at like 50% but I think most are around 65-70%.
  11. Yeah dude easy shove. Board paired middle card and donk is going to over value trips like a mofo.
  12. Check shove is lolz with stack sizes. If stack sizes were bigger it'd be lulz cuz we're smacking his pf calling range in the face. This is a c/f against a real stack, this is probably a shove against a small stack and our 3bet size pf should be bigger, there are two limpers and a guy opening to 7bbs, we should be making it at least 26bbs oop, so $6.5-$7.
  13. I'm gonna hafta say this is way off. Like seriously if you think this it's gonna crush your development as a player.
  14. Why are we trying to figure out why a fish played a hand terribly?He's a fish.He played the hand terribly.
  15. Meh, I'd think Cardrunners would be best. I don't have a subscription to them but they have the most videos by fatr so you should be able to find what you need there. I watch videos at bluefirepoker.com, but they don't have a lot of basic 6max videos and they have wayyyyyyyy less too choose from.
  16. Your sizing is way too small on each street. Make it 10c pf, they will call bigger pf bets so punish them for playing weak hands OOP against you. On the flop you could do anything, but I wouldn't fold, calling is meh, raising is probably a little better, but calling is okay. Turn is a good card to bluff, betting half pot isn't going to get him to fold anything. If you want to bet the K turn you have to realize that no one is going to fold to one street of pressure here if they hold a pair. Either commit to repping that king and fire 28c on turn and then another big bet on river, or check
  17. Bet pf bigger, bet flop bigger I know it's 75% of pot but on a board this coordinated (flush draw/straight draw/high card that you have beat) you want to go for very close to pot, I'd bet $1.50 here. Turn check and see what happens, if someone jams it'd be a fold, smallish bet you call and check river and see what happens again.
  18. I'd assume getting a membership to a video site (not pokerVT) would be your best bet at getting better at 6max nlhe. Watch a beginner series and crush.
  19. My bro went to Geneseo, I went to UB and Brockport.
  20. Bad news dude. You can ship me the money and it'll almost definitely still be there if/when you wanna play again. lilmissliss is the FTP handle, city I think is Brockport, might be Cobleskill though.Edit: I mean the money will be there, I just can't guarantee I'll be around for up to 9 years
  21. This is like a 7 always. But you're 100bbs deep and this dude posted UTG+1. I have a little rule called me no foldy AA to tardos.
  22. Yeah I mean, I don't pretend to know him or anything all my info is just 2nd hand from Tremomey but they apparently know each other in real life and Tre says he's a great dude and whatever.
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