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  1. It's the exact same type of hand. Call a 3b OOP deep, let villain hang himself. If he fired river it'd be exactly the same....
  2. Also his bb/100 is like 1.5, so it's not like he's a good reg by any stretch of the imagination.
  3. He set up his sizing really poorly which put him down a notch imo too. He should have bet each street smaller to shove the river. It makes it seem like he isn't planning the hand out ahead of time but taking each street as like a completely new situation. I really think he's a meh reg that just knows how to use position and be aggro but isn't really thinking through possible holdings. Like he probably gave up cuz he was like shit I don't have a big enough bet to fire on the river to get AT to fold or something like that.
  4. Shove. BB has like 50c and CO limp called and doesn't likely have 2 pr from how he's played the hand. Bet bigger on the flop and turn, very draw heavy board and no one folds top pair at $10nl.
  5. He's a winner... obv too aggro and loves 3betting/squeezing. But yeah he's annoying to play against.
  6. v1.09Feral Cow Poker Hand ConverterCereus No Limit Hold'em $1/$2 - 6 playersButton PENGUINS25: $408.35 SB PAULALLAN: $265.70 BB UPAY4NZ: $106.35 UTG DABRONXBOMBR: $249.40 UTG+1 RAOUL_DUKE1: $224.19 CO Hero: $379.00 Preflop: ($3.00) Hero is CO with : : (6 players)DABRONXBOMBR folds, RAOUL_DUKE1 calls $2, Hero raises to $10, PENGUINS25 raises to $34, 3 folds, Hero calls $24Flop: ($73.00) : : : (2 players)Hero checks, PENGUINS25 bets $50, Hero calls $50Turn: ($173.00) : (2 players)Hero checks, PENGUINS25 bets $120, Hero calls $120River: ($413.00) : (2 players)Hero checks, PENGUINS25 checksHer
  7. I played a similar hand with QQ today He didn't triple barrel the river though, which was unfortunate.
  8. I don't think ti's a no brainer double barrel, it'd be a better double barrel spot if we were bluffing, but AK is the best hand a lot and we can pick off a bluff or go to showdown with it ourselves, betting it twice is not likely to get us value and gets us called by all his better hands, we aren't too worried about letting him draw to his 3-6 outs with one card to come imo.But yeah, flop is a bet get it in, you flopped like the second best board for AK besides actually binking a pair you hit a gutshot draw with your two overs. The gay part is he ships like any pair on you, but whatever you'r
  9. Clear flop call, imo. There are so many good turns that you can apply pressure and same with rivers, this guy has JJ/QQ soooooooo often and you aren't getting him to fold on the flop often. Call flop if turn is a 5, 7, T, D raise, and if it isn't call again and then if river hits any of those cards on turn shove.
  10. Yeah I'd raise turn there a ton and I'd afold river as played. I dunno what he has but he might have rivered two pair with Ax or has 58.
  11. Meh, our path is pretty clear. If you call pf here you're felting your top pair hand unless it comes like 4 straight or 4 flush. You just c/c and let him have rope, I don't love the pf call, but I don't play on Tilt and maybe the games are much more aggro than on AP. My default would not be to assume button would squeeze here. I also don't think it's a great spot to squeeze, UTG+1 has a pretty strong range. I dunno I'm vvvv passive pf.
  12. Also I don't think his sizing is a "tell" or w/e. I think he sized everything up pretty well, even from value stand point, maybe liek $88 on turn instead to make river slightly smaller, but he's not too worried about you flatting him OOP with suited connectors or something. So if he has AK/AA/KK he needs to try and get you to call with your 1 pair holdings and just pray you decide to look him up.How bad does board have to come after you flop top pair for you to fold?
  13. I think you mean it would make you triple barrel bluff, unless you hit, then you'd c/c.
  14. Temp shipped me money the other day, just randomly checked out Tilt and hit cashier saw money in there. I dunno if that menas he's w/o internet or what. But thanks for the money, I appreciate it dude. Hope things turn out alright for you.
  15. Nah I definitely agree with taking shots and that it is worthwhile most right now instead of if I decide to try and go pro, because then I'd just want a security of playing a game I know I crush. Playing in games where I have a very small edge or I'm a dog at is okay as long as I'm focused and making sure that even if I lose I'm learning something from the better players. But I have been pretty aggressive with shot taking 10-20 is just a huge insane shot, I played a little 3-6nl this month. That's why I'm playing 1-2nl right now, I lost some at 3-6nl and some at 2-4nl so grinding the roll
  16. I think the positive emotions at winning at 10-20 would be outweighed so much more by the negative of losing. Plus I always buy in for 200bbs, so dropping 4k down would be a lol joke. And I'm a middle school teacher, so even though my win rate is pretty good I don't bank a ton of money because I put in so few hands, I think from Oct08-Oct09 I made 30k, but a lot of it coming on the backend, as I feel like I improved a lot in the past few months.Last month I made like 5.xk. So it's not like I'm crushing and making 150k+ a yr, although that's obv the goal for this upcoming year. And lastly e
  17. I feel like situation one where you bet flop/check turn your hand looks a lot weaker and you get bluffed a lot more. If you check back flop and call turn bet they aren't likely to barrel again, but especially if they check turn and you bet turn, they don't see the turn weakness (of checking) so they almost always check river to you. No I don't cbet 88 there, I check/give up. If they're psycho aggro or something I might check flop and call one but not usually, if someone has like 44 here they are content to just check it down with you.
  18. But egotistical to post it! Delicate balance in ego there, I would think you are either all one way, or the other. Why make the post if you think it won't change anything?
  19. Call one street, fold to two streets. You have a weak made hand that you want to get to showdown with. By cbetting you're sometimes getting one call from pocket pairs but not usually, but if you check once or twice you'll get one street, plus you have a gut shot to improve to here.
  20. LOL, I'm down like a milli this month, mostly at 2-4 so back at 1-2nl for a bit. But, there's like a lot of really good players at midstakes now and the winning regs are much better than me at like 2-4+. There's quite a jump in reg ability from 1-2 to above 2-4 esp at AP, there aren't too many regs on AP that play just 2-4, that's basically their small game, so it's like a bunch of meh regs at 1-2nl that win a little or breakeven or w/e then very good regs at 2-4+ and they play as high as 5-10 or 10-20 if great games breakout.Edit: Oh, the point of this post was to also say, I'm not sure how
  21. I don't like flatting AK here OOP. Your 3bet is going to be really wide and AK plays like crap OOP against an aggro player deep. If he flats the 3bet he's basically saying I'm c/c all the way down if an A or K hit, and I'm either c/f flops that miss me or c/c one street and hoping villain doesn't barrel twice.I would feel pretty fine about getting AK in for 200bbs in a bvb especially when the BB is playing something like 28/21 with a 5-7% 3bet. So yeah against someone with your stats I'd make my 4bet a little bigger because I'm not crazy about you flatting my 4bet, but I'd rather have initi
  22. LOLLLLLLL. If a girl annoys me when she's drunk she can't be gf material. I have to find her at least tolerable when drunk.
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