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  1. Fold imo. People only overbet the nuts in spots like this, especially that big. Overbetting as a bluff wouldn't be terrible, but doing $8 as a bluff into $1 is bad no matter what. If he's shoving for value you're beating like almost none of his range, he probably has a set, but he might have KJ or AJ here too.He's laying such a horrible price on his bluff that I just don't see it, especially if villain is nitty and you havent seen anything like this.
  2. There's like a billion hands that may call yoru flop shove that you crush, some that you're flipping with, and then a very few you are crushed by. By calling you get more info on later streets, but it's tough because we don;t know if we're drawing or if we're ahead, so we really have no clue what cards to be hoping for.He didn't slow down on the turn either, he c/r super small and then bet 1/2 pot on turn and a little more than 1/2 pot on river. I'd call him down just cuz he's pretty aggro and he could play this hand with many hands you're ahead of. He might have a hand with showdown value
  3. I think you played it right, standard. My only comment is whenever you have the option to put someone all in or shove for a bigger bet and it's heads up, then shove. It's annoying to figure out the pot odds because they aren't actually what they seem, plus it looks stronger when you bet what they have (or so I've been told, I dunno if I believe that).
  4. Focus on that red line. It's the most important part of poker and if you don't make it at least break even you suck!
  5. Raise bigger pf, raise bigger flop, raise turn, call river.
  6. Random Numbers! That's a 1-8-7 cop killing homicide!It might be in BAW, but yeah I posted it.
  7. And I did shove, lolz! Not like I played it right or anything.
  8. I don't see what flatting does. It was the first thing I eliminated. If I flat I have a J or better everytime. I'm out of position and he has control...he's never going to lose more money when he's behind and I'm never folding so he gets to play perfect. I guess if I flat and choose to fold if he bets again, it's fine, but I just can't do that because I suck. I think every great once in awhile he calls with like JT or J9 played horribly, but I don't really know (if I shove flop). I might get KJ to fold to my shove? I really don't know. It's just a wtf spot that sucks, which is why I th
  9. Yeah I shoved, he timed down for a decent bit before hitting call with AJ which was kinda slow rolly imo. Like I mean I overrepped my hand but he has the 2nd nuts and he's never folding. So I binked the Q and he bitched bout how bad I am. I had the back door straight draw and flush draw I can't fold! That was my rational when I wasl ike man this is AJ or 88 a lot, well I got some back door draws against AJ and I dunno what to do...shovel shovel.I think folding is probably right, but I really don't know. I think most regs call with J9 esp suited in position, but I dunno if they raise here
  10. I would check flop/call turn or fold turn/fold river. I don't remember how many players saw the flop I think just two, so I'd probably check behind flop, if either donked turn I'd call 1 street, if they both checked turn I'd bet for value and charge 1 heart hands, then try to show it down on river.
  11. I was joking I shoved. He had AJ, I smashed a Q in his stupid face on the turn though. I think folding is probably right but, it's close. It's just a really terrible spot, calling and then folding turn might be better but that play is so disgusting.
  12. FWIW I wasn't really posting it as a strat hand, it's just such a LOL situation that I was like wtf this is gay I have no clue how to play this hand. So don't expect me to clarify your thought processes or anything cuz I was just randomly pushing buttons.
  13. I don't think CO is ever bluffing FWIW. SB and BB both called pf and this flop nails our PF calling range, so it's not like CO is gonna go wild with TT/9T imo, he's sitting on a Jx/88/ or he flatted pf with an overpair hoping someone would squeeze and now he's kind of lost and trying to "see where he's at"/over rep his range and prob get to showdown because he has position.
  14. They're both winning 2-4 regs. I forget their stats, standard somewhere 24/21ish.
  15. v1.09Feral Cow Poker Hand ConverterCereus No Limit Hold'em $2/$4 - 6 playersButton: $470.65 SB: $822.50 (Hero)BB: $491.00 UTG: $347.00 UTG+1: $602.50 CO: $789.55 Preflop: ($6.00) Hero is SB with : : (6 players)UTG folds, UTG+1 raises to $16, CO calls $16, Button folds, Hero calls $14, BB calls $12Flop: ($64.00) : : : (4 players)Hero checks, BB checks, UTG+1 bets $48, CO raises to $126, This is when you start yelling FUCK!!!!!!!
  16. It's very difficult to open up your game a little bit, like I think it's hard to play 22-24ish because you're either playin like in the 18-21 solid range or you open up and get crazy with like all suited connecting and gapping hands, so I went from like 20/17 to 28/20 with not much in between. I try to only play at deep tables so I can profitably play a lotttttttttt more stuff in position. 100bbs does not suit my game well where it's a lot of preflop aggression and just jamming small edges and whatnot, but it's still pretty easy to pl;ay that aggro it's just in squeezing and 4bb a lot more.F
  17. Sometimes playing nitty is really profitable. When I first moved to $100nl and was very successful I was playing like 14/11. In general though I think the general way to learn how to play is play really tight and as you get better add hands. It'd be interesting to start out really loose though, I think you'd accelerate through the learning process much faster at the higher stakes, but at the outset there would be a long struggle.
  18. Also I think this is standard fold or call one street and fold if you've never seen villain 3ball with air before. There's just no reason to suspect he'd be bluffing, sets are in his range, 45ss is there, KK or AA playing oddly is there, we aren't beating any of his value range and we are unsure of whether he has bluffs in his range.I'd note the odd play and see if he does it again in the future, even if he doesn't get to showdown if I see this happen another time I'd start thinking he could be bluffing and I'd get to showdown with my next top pairish hand in this spot.
  19. Agree with 25-30 being LAG12-16 is just nit.17-21 TAG 22-24 tweeners.
  20. On the Royal not thinking the hands are similar point, I didn't feel like arguing because the thread had run it's course and I felt like he was just arguing to nitpick. Even if I pointed that out RT was not likely to change his point of view and I had written a bunch of stuff, but then deleted it just to say "K" because his counter arguments were not disproven and it would just go back to him pointing out those arguments and neither of us changing our stance. The hands are clearly similar and if you can't tell why they are similar you are missing a concept somewhere in there.Babylon is givin
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