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  1. I know I'm not really commenting on this hand because I already have, but I think this is a good point ot hammer home. I'm pretty sure you said he was a 3bb/100 winner on PTR. That's really good, it's hard to win at the rate. Compare that with your own winrate (I don't know what it is) but, mine fluctuates between like 2-4.5, and that's how I would play against you. I don't think there's any reason to think someone winning at 3bb/100 isn't able to think this way and if he's not wtf is he doing so much better than me in other hands to keep his rate right around the same as mine.
  2. I called with something like K2ss against Lobster in a similar spot a month or two ago.Edit: It wasn't incredibly similar, but just a spot where his range was polarised to big and I knew I'd be able to push him off if he didn't hit a set.
  3. Hypothetically how often are you calling if you are button? I think if I don't have auto-fold clicked and I'm playing well I call with every single hand pf, lol.
  4. Like I don't play full ring at all but I was coached by a FR pro for awhile, so my advice isn't from lots of experience or anything. Your steal looks good, don't be such a nit everywhere else ldo.
  5. What's your steal roberts? You probably are playign about the same range all the way around the table, you should significantly open up your CO and Button opens because pple fold so much.Most of the best FR players I know play like 20/17 so it's baby steps, but you'll probably be able to crush $50nl playing 12/9 it'll just take longer to learn imo.
  6. Playing the hand this way won't likely lose you money in this situation that often, it's the concept behind this play that WILL lose you lots of money. It's good to note that BB crap player's range is a lot wider/weaker, so stacking off vs him is like LOL YAY! But the concept of 4betting a value hand and then folding is going to CRUSH you longterm. When it comes to bets/raises before you do them you need to know whether you are betting or raising for value or as a bluff. By 4betting here with AK you are turning a very good hand into a bluff against one of the players when his range is very
  7. Why is flatting bad? Stats change a lot of things but I think it's probably flat>fold>raise. I don't see too many FR regs 3betting an EP raiser with AQ/22-TT, so he's either bluffing with his 3bet (doubtful) or has a huge hand that he's gonna shove on you if you 4bet. If he's bluffing leave his bluffs in (by not 4betting), if he has a value hand like QQ, get a street of value when you hit, any street is fine. When you miss c/f.It's just so unlikely that he's going to 3bet a hand for value that is worse than yours and even less likely that it's going to shove or call a 4bet from you i
  8. He wasn't saying those are the games he plays in. That's just how most winning FR regs play online. They play ridic nitty early and then super duper light late, probably lighter than most of us open CO and button in 6max. They literally play like 14/11 with a 58% steal. The way to combat that pretty easily is to 3b the shit out of LP opening regs because they aren't used to preflop 3betting and don't accurately assign ranges.But yeah, OP 10% steal is LOL. You should be over 10% with your opening hands from any position almost, 10% is like 22-AA, AQ+, QK+.You should be opening 22-AA, A9+,
  9. Ahhh... I see what you're saying. I think that strategy is too risky. You seem like one of those bluffy players that has tons of money to burn. I must not have been clear, i meant to limp into pots for cheap only investing $2 with basically every hand. Then after the flop like if you hit a pair, call any sized bet and see the turn, then call again, and if you have ab ig hand by the river shove and get it in.You gotta remember the people he's playing against don't like to fold, so I don't know if just shoving flops is going to shake them. We really just need to limp, call a lot, get to the
  10. Can you clarify? Limp pf, bet $20 on flop and if called shove $20 on turn?
  11. I hate it when they get weird shit in against my good hands.
  12. Limp a lot and try to make the nuts, it's okay to put like $20 in and decide you aren't good later. Just make sure when you get it in you have the best hand.
  13. too lazy to look at stack sizes but I'd say no. Even if we had like $10 I'd fold. He's just never going to have something worse when he takes that line, so I don't care how great of odds we're getting cuz we're behind 100% imo.
  14. Yeah, over calling is pretty terrible on that river.
  15. Don't get me wrong these stats indicate he's pretty bad, like he's playing a lot of hands. And he is apparently minraising a lot of flops, but people don't 4bet flops weak and if they do, he wouldn't make the price so nice. Like even terrible people understand that a bigger bet is going to get more folds than a smaller one.Once he 4bets I put him on sets or like the nut flush draw, or a combo draw, or like QQh, KKh, AAh. There's just not much we beat at all onthis flop. Getting the sick price on the 4bet I'd prob call and then bet small on both streets because he's never folding a set and
  16. LOL, there's like a 2% chance desmoines wins this bet.
  17. Uh, there's a shitload of better players at 1-2 than 1c-2c. there's vvvv good players playing 1-2nl. But his statement is pretty bad too. There's a lot of shitty players at 1-2nl, so saying that it's $200nl he must be good is way off, but so is what you're saying.
  18. This is a good example of why leading small is so much better than checking in spots like this. We lead small and look almost as weak, but make him commit some chips if he has showdown value and also make him commit a lot of chips on a bluff, whereas if we check and he's bluffing he may take a small stab and then fold, but rarely bluff shoves. Especially with stacks as they are, I think checking is a lot worse because bluffing is a large % of his stack and if he has showdown value he's going to want to check and get to showdown as cheap as possible.On river in your situation I think it's clo
  19. Yeah I agree your sizing is a tad small. In general you should 4b really small, but since his 3bet is so small, he's controlling the pot size too much if you go small as well. You want to 4b at around 22-25bbs, so you can 4b bluff profitably or to induce calls from weak hands from weak players. Obv you don't 4bb people that call 4bets light, and you save that for regs that 3bet too often but fold to 4bets if faced with them.I'd lead turn small and try to look fishy, by making it like $12-14 again. His most likely hands are connecting shit, pocket pairs, and Jx after calling your flop bet,
  20. I'd bet/fold really small on the turn like $80, then I'd bet river like $128 or something.Those hands are kinda meh, like he only really misplayed the 67 hand pretty bad, he's definitely playing goofy and probably getting lucky but those aren't like glarimg ridiculous things. Against this type I'd try to just vbet him hard when I had hands and try to make hands to vbet, so I don't like bloating it on the flop because I doubt he folds like middle pair, and I'll kill babies if I miss and he calls me down. I would call his minraise and call him down if I hit a 6 or a 7 and obv bet bigger if I h
  21. Yeah I would think it goes something like 77>A5>22>QT but I dunno really.
  22. Just FTR you're only 20bbs deep, not 200bbs deep. Only as deep as the blinds, and those are blind raises, so the pot is not going to play anything like it would in a deepstack game.It also depends a lot on the table, like how aggro people are at going after the blind raises, I'm assuming not very aggro or people wouldnt be putting them out there.
  23. I hate the 3bet flop, and then flatting 4bet. You rep really, really, really small here. You never have a set, you almost never have the nut flush draw, sometimes you have stubborn overpair that has no idea what to do, but if I were villain I'd figure barreling would fold that too. If you're gonna semi-bluff with the 3bet, to continue repping your strong range you need to 5bet ship here, so that you can have sets in your range, and also hands like AhAx/KhKx/QhQx it's better to ship that to call imo although folding QQ and KK even with a heart and maybe AA sometimes is still a fine option on
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