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  1. If the blinds were pretty low and you raised 4BB from the small blind and got two callers, that means there was approximately 15BB in the pot? and 15BB was half of your stack? So before the hand you had 34BB? You have too much money to try and make a move with 66 here, ait for a better opportunity or if you are feeling aggressive, everyone in front of you has limped, you might try and go all in, pick up the 5 BB and add 1/7 to your chip stack, but I would advise the limping and trying to hit a set or check folding.
  2. I agree with limping with any two cards above 10, I dont know about limping with any two suited cards that seems a little loose to me, I limp with any two suited connecters or gappers.
  3. how long did it take you to become comfortable? How many tables do you play and what is your hourly win rate at each # of tables. My hourly win rate is by fr the highest with two tables, barely positive with 3 negative with 4 and 5. I just feel like I am missing too much from my opponents if I play more than 2 tables, maybe it just takes a long time to adapt
  4. Think you meant PP pokernoobie, yeah I tend to call about 4-5BB raise with any PP hoping to set up and get all the money in on the flop, this is especially strong against rocks, where you know they only raise preflop with AA, KK, QQ, if you can get to the flop for only 3BB and hit a set the rocks have a very hard time letting go if they see small cards hit the flop, they almost have to play with all of their money because rocks wait all day for these big PP, this is why I love calling raises from rocks.
  5. phishforchips knows better how to play NL than doyle brunson though, just ask himLOL. Well I doubt he thinks that, but the way he is playing his aces isn't wrong at all, I dont think raising pre-flop with aces can ever be considered wrong, but if he added that dimension to his gme with AA i'd venture to say his results would be even better than what he says they are now. In response to you Phish, you said raise preflop and you will only have the good hands trying to set up or hit two pair on you, but if you limp if someone catches a good hand they will raise behind you, then you can reraise
  6. Im assuming this was a limit game, after the turn bet and everyone calls I think you have to shut down unless you hit the set on the river. You have all those calling stationg someone has to be holding a j,q,k,a. If they are calling stations you know they arent folding to you even if they re holding bottom pair so the river should certaintly be checked, no one is going to call your river bet unless you are beaten. I actually might have shut down after the flop and made a mental note to bet out if anything but an A hit, but a lot of low-limit players will call the cheap street with Ax, hopi
  7. I would reraise it to 300 preflop. You've got too many limpers and the reraise you put in is correct, but for me I want to get QQ heads up, if you reraise to 300 and he still calls, nothing you can do. Also by putting so much heat on with the reraise you can see how strong the initial raiser is, if he pushes, its still early enough for you to let that go and still have 1200 ish left (given you start with 1500), though i might not let this hand go in the low level sit n gos pre-flop.
  8. I have this problem sometimes too, I'd be interested to see what everyone has to say. Myself, my play goes down drastically when playing more than two tables, I like to try and know all my opponents and can keep track of two tables pretty well but three tables and my sessions are usually negative. It might just be variance in your game, but maybe you are just playing to many tables and arent playing a solid enough game because of it. But, as you said in some tables you go up up up, so that isnt the best explanation. I found when i 3-5 tabled though overall i'd be losing despite having big
  9. eddie, i posted a response, but accidentally put in as a new topic under "suited connectors" sorry for the mess up.
  10. ughhhh... still new to the forum that was in response to eddy about the AA being cracked post... sorry for messing that up
  11. That is ridiculous, imo. Suited connectors win big hands, playing a NL game where you have at least 75BB an advisable play would be to call a small raise hoping to nail the flop and get paid off by a big PP. Obviously suited connectors play well against many opponents in unraised pots, but limping with 78 suited and then calling 3BB raise is not unreasonable at all. This is a huge part of anyone's NL game. [/b]
  12. In NL I would certaintly fear a flop of A69 78 is a very reasonable holding for someone to have, people loveeeeee playing suited connectors these days, you cannot slow play in this situation. In limit I would only play them slowly heads up, any more than one opponent just bet and raise. As Eddy has already pointed out, anytime you flop a set with Aces there is always a straight draw out there, you have to bet them out if you dont want them to get broke and I hope you are raising them preflop. In NL you have a little bit more leeway for slowplaying because you should be able to get the hand
  13. early position limp and hope for raise behind you, then re-raise hard and try to get heads up or take the pot down preflop. Raising all the time isn't a bad option but the limp reraise is a great play to put into your arsenal, people will start to worry that your limp doesnt always imply weakness. If you do not get the raise after you limp, play them carefully, if you dont raise preflop with AA you shouldnt get broke with AA , there is just too much crap that can beat you, if you limp you must be able to fold them. Anyone that disagrees with the limp reraise, read supersystem or supersystem
  14. I would drop those queens and curse under my breath, i feel like you can only be beating one hand JJ with the J of hearts. I think the only reasonable hands he has could be 99 1010 or AK and the killer would be AK with A of hearts. Those all seem like reasonable hands to take such a large time to think about and then call a big raise. What hand can you beat at this point? I doubt a tight aggressive and somewhat tricky player would raise utg, then call a big reraise, only to hope for a scary board, he has to put you on a premium hand, ak aa kk or qq with that reraise and all of those hands
  15. Thanks for the information GT, seems like a solid purchase, maybe I'll purchase it, I do agree that most books I've read have come off as weak/tight limit instead of the brand that I believe is correct and portrayed by Harman in SS2.
  16. Think everyone hit the preflop raise as being bad, too many limpers, and if you are going to raise why not go all in? you're in crappy chip position if you want ot be aggressive try and make a-10 66-99 fold pick up the pot. Then if you do raise preflop like you did, and you have all those callers, you have to be in check/fold mode unless you set up, imo
  17. Well I'm sure you know my entire library, but I guess you are just saying it's the best book you've ever read. Who is this by and why is it so good? How's the writing style ie, are their quizzes or write-ins and stuff like that, or is it strictly a lecture type of writing (which I prefer most).
  18. I've been reading posts for the past couple of weeks and have ran across many people mentioning this book as a great limit book. I have not heard much about except from this site, was wondering how beneficial people thought it was, my poker library is pretty full and I have many low-limit hold 'em books (my fav being lou krieger's), so I was just looking for some opinion on whether or not I should make the purchase, I play mostly 2-4 when playing limit online. Thanks.
  19. You can also reach back to your chips as long as you announce raise, then put out the call and decide how much you want to bet. It's against the rules to annoucne bet or raise then put an amount out there and then reach for more for two reasons, you could be looking for a fold and see that he is willing ot call the amount you originally bet and see that you want to put in more, or the other reason is you want a call and see that he is going to call you down no matter what and you want to put more chips out there to be called.
  20. My first post marion, but thought I'd stop reading everything and get some input. Sometimes in NL games I mess around and see almost every flop trying to outplay people postflop and will raise with almost anything, I bet that is what he's doing here. I agree with the previous posts, drop the first hand, second hand you have got to come over the top with a decent sized raise to see where you are at. Beat up the guy that see's the flops and make him respect your initial bet, it will make his decision to raise that much harder knowing he will get a reraise with top pair solid kicker.
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