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  1. Very interesting. I think I see myself more as this style of player, but you have so few chips online than you are basically in all in mode from the start lol. Maybe I would be better off playing cash then.
  2. You do not have to explain anything to a donk....just dont tap the fish tank lol
  3. It does not actually SHOW the work though, does it? No. It just sort of names the numbers it associates with it. There is more or less no chance those numbers are right.
  4. The man hosts this forum for what I wouldda guessed would be his FANS.....for his FANS to chat on....and he doesnt even get the benefit of the doubt on something like this from his FANS!? I mean....crap, people dont really even seem sorry that they accused him of being an idiot and a thief.
  5. wow That is cheating, pure and simple. It is getting amazing how bad stuff like this goes undetected
  6. wow I am very shocked by how much disrespect is shown toward Daniel here.
  7. Those odds cant be right. That doesnt even make sense. Show your work. I think some interesting points are made.....but I am still never folding AA lol. Im not sure if you guys are stupid or brilliantWhat does Daniel think?
  8. Thats just disrispectful to the game. Gold has prooven again, and again, that he has no place in poker!
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