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  1. thanks Max. Good advice. I have started to get tighter and tighter since last time I started this and I have actually been in the money each time. also not showing my hands as much.. I guess it is a good strategy to keep people off track sometimes by showing what you have so they think of you in a certain way but it cant be done as often as i was doing it. Again, I have read both sides of the coin.
  2. No worries, I sensed the sarcasim. I was actually trying to reply to the person who said "I don't know how bad players at your local tourney are, but did you really think he was going to call your push with just trips? "The players at the tourney are pretty good for the most part.
  3. Do you mean fold post flop?Also- i know he played it fine for the most part; i was more concerned on how i played it. I thought for sure he had an ace , so i figuredon the river i had him beat as he probably had trips. I also thought maybe he had AAo well! Interesting to say the least...
  4. Ok so im still trying to get over this hand that knocked me out of a local in person tourney a week and a half ago. I'd like to get your feedback on how it was played and what i should have done differently if anything. This was a tourney where you started with 3,000 in chips and blinds went up every 15 minutes. BLinds at this point were at 50/100 so only the second level of play. About 45 people total in the tourney.- I look down at Pocket Kings! Premium starting hand! - I open up in early position and make it 250Everyone folds to an older gentelemen that calls on the button.Flop comes: AA7I
  5. Thanks for the advice. As far as playing, I don't play online much at all. I was talking to in-person tourneys for the most part.Showing hands i guess is debateble, it all comes down to table image and what you want to portray. I know Daniel thinks its Ok to show your hands (obviously he can get away with the strategy). THen I've heard the other end of the coin to never show your hand unless you need to.
  6. Thanks for the heads up and welcome Corvair. Just curious, what does FPS stand for? something poker syndrome..
  7. I have been playing poker for about a year and a half (no major tourneys) just socially and in various events. I noticed that I have been able to do exteremly well in the early rounds of a multitable tourney (quite a few times i was the chip leader) only to find out that i was not able to last in the later rounds. This is extremly frustrating for me. I have tried different approaches once i have the chip lead. Typically, I am a very aggressive player and play a lot of hands. I also have shown my hand a lot of times when i have forced someone to fold and i had a great hand. I read some of Danie
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