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  1. My 5 seats ,skills, and knowledge of those 5 seats versus your Vaporware anyday! I WIN!
  2. Time for sleep.Your nuthing but , vaporware still.
  3. If this is the case, why does Barry Greenstein lose more than he wins?
  4. "Unless you're asking me about the propietary pattern mapper I wrote myself in C++ that I run on a seperate Linux box to avoid detection which tells me which cards are coming and what the likelyhood of me winng the hand is dynamically as I play." -SmasharooWhat "Fuzzy math" calculates pattern's? Thought it was odds?There are patterns to odd's? Ohh!! patterns to odd's . What algebrical formula would that be?
  5. wtf?wtf what? Ohh ,that I knew he would say he wrote it before he posted. He still offers little information on the quaint little and simple program he wrote? EWWWWWWWWW Linux, im scared !!! :roll:
  6. Just dont see how 1 persons expeirience is enough to come and try to take a "crap" all over my thread with useless information.
  7. what UI are you using? Seriously doubt you made it. Im sure its vaporware though.You felt inadequate obviously.My point is you have no sources or proof or logical knowledge to offer as to why in my OP to as how , the system cant be beat.
  8. Ive lost some hands before but, never played online. If that qualifys me as a loser then ok. Sence we are resulting to boasting from behind a keyboard im a T1 Contractor with huge contracts from Verizon,Qwest and Level3 and have just a G.E.D and have winnings of in the 500k range.
  9. dude. I also said (team's). In some countries theres 5+ with different ID that live in the same household or hang together with laptops. Im very sure some bored US college students would do it also.having different emails and paying for the subsciption from different sources is hard to recognise. Also there is no pattern for someone using bot accounts.Dont try and pick apart my thread and or even flame it. People will always beat the system if theres a way.I never play online for this simple fact and im positive there are many people doing this.You telling me that a person playing 5 hands in
  10. Poker is my first passion and online multiplayer PC games use to be another. One thing I have learned is if theres any way to beat the system folks will do it.In some MMORPG's I use to play folks would have 4-5 accounts and a 3rd party client to run several acounts from 1 CPU or 4-5 diff CPU's.Let's use Party Poker in this scenario : 10 players and 5 are 1 person watching 5 diff monitors with all different ISP's and static IP's.. What happens when you sit at this table?Or this scenario 5 players (team) on their cell- phone telling their hands and splitting profits?Online Poker is for chumps.
  11. Keep it up ,man.. I suggest walking a bit more and scouting tables . Keep up your strict pre flop and flop guidelines. $2/4 might also be viable.
  12. I would just call a also. As I would have just slow played my hand anyways. Worst case secnario would be Im up against the bullets or KK's maybe its just a A,Jo and he's capable of setting up a steal . We could ponder this all day long, either way if he's a straight shooter and has the better pockets its not worth it. Imo, I would think its a "Barry Greenstien" and very capable of setting up to steal it. Either way its worth the flop. However, it would be realy nice if this wasnt the first hand into the game. I would have liked to have seen him in a few more hands also but ,just calling I st
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