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  1. Pocket kings.Chased by 2-3 fish who call my raise with A5 or A3 offsuit. You know what happens.
  2. Those of you who have been playing poker in Atlantic city - what's it like compared to Vegas? Is there a good availibility of games (looking for $10-20, $15-30 limit hold'em and $100+ tourneys) at all times? What are the good places besides Taj Mahal?Flying all the way to Vegas from Sweden is hell.(Please start a separate thread if you're gonna flame or just post stupid replies)
  3. No. I'm guessing the Dreamclown/Negreanu "war" is a marketing trick to draw attention to the new poker room in general and Daniel in particular.Computers can't play excellent poker. In my early days, i played around with the Wilson software products enough to gain that insight.They can be taught to play pretty mean backgammon, black jack or chess, though.
  4. Tony G.Phil Hellmuth.Watching X22's tongue go back and forth for hours would be pretty annoying too.
  5. If you're looking for soft games, make sure you go to Circus circus. Never seen anything like it. It's not as classy as the other places further down the strip though.I liked Wynn and Bellagio best... and Binions...and MGM. And The Orleans was great too.Have a nice trip.
  6. I heard "Stacked" is supposed to be a lot more fun. Maybe you should be playing that instead.
  7. If i did play live a lot, which i don't, i'd yell "X22!" and make some wierd looking face twitches and fart really loud...No seriously, this thread stinks...
  8. I like the random generator part.If you're with playing people who chase two- and three-outers, you should be able to make a profit long term. Moving to a different poker room with a better random generator won't help.
  9. Money is the most important aspect of poker.Without it, poker becomes silly. Just look at the play money tables.
  10. I'm surprised the "Wanna play me heads-up for 20 grand" argument didn't come into play. I see it end almost every discussion like this one and it cracks me up every time. I usually counterattack with "my dad is stronger than yours" and bring down the victory :wink:
  11. Playing $5-10 limit on Party poker the other day, i got dealt AK five times with a 90 minute timeframe. All five times, i flopped top pair:#1. Lost to a guy who called my preflop raise with K8 offsuit and flopped two pair.#2: Lost to a guys who called my preflop raise and my flop check-raise with K2 offsuit and hit a deuce for two pair on the turn.#3: Lost to a guy who called my preflop raise sith 26 offsuit and hit trip deuces on the flop.#4: Lost to a guy who chased down a gutshot straight on the river despite a three-flush and paired board.#5: Lost to pocket aces. (i bow my head...)Now, i'm
  12. Party poker has deep stack tourneys? Are these sit'n go's or multi-tablers?My problem is that i'm in Sweden, so most interesting tourneys start like four in the morning european time. That' s just a an hour and a half before i get up early to rob the Party poker night owls.
  13. My vote goes to Phil Hellmuth:"If Robert Varkonyi wins this thing, i'm gonna shave my head".
  14. His blog confirms it's Party poker.First off - my sympathies for the bad beats.I've given Party Poker sit'n go's i try now and then, thinking it would be great to play tourneys agains the same horrible fish i play my bread-and butter $5-10 limit ring games with. Every time, i've promised myself never to do it again.The structure on Party poker sit'n go's is horrible. Unless you win a few massive pots early, you're in "wait-for-one-good-enough-to-go-all-in-mode" very soon.Being a good poker player has very little value in these tourneys. They're all-in crap shoots in my humble opinion.I like Fu
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