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  1. We'll see how long it lasts........I'm sure someone will report it.
  2. F U C K Norm McDonald.........nuff said
  3. With that win that should put him 3rd all time money list behind Ivey!
  4. dig75


    alright...GT.maybe another time
  5. dig75


    I'm looking for you guys, and nothing.Anyone else.offer open until 9:15 PST
  6. dig75


    Stakes back on..5.50 stake Max2 runners @ Joker Starsshoot me tourn ID upon entry.
  7. dig75


    Can't wait around all day...offer expires @ 5:20 PST
  8. Let me give this staking business a shot...with a twist. Let me know which tourn you want in.5.50 Max.......2 horses.50/50
  9. Over the past 16yrs I've been to:AmsterdamSpainSicilyKuwaitGermanyFrance JapanMalaysiaSingaporeSouth KoreaBahrainQatarDubaiJebel AliIrelandSaudia ArabiaMarshall IslandsAustraliaSaseboAll without a passport and while carry a gun
  10. Iknow antistuff's was in my defense.....The context of the qoute didn't pan out as I planned, so here it is.My response was to this:Ifold08, started with the STFU~~ and antistuff qouted his post with that listed,I qouted antistuff showing "I think we found the problem".my response to antistuff was telling him "your exactly right " that ifold08 comments were totally uncalled for ~~~and that he (ifold) needed to boost his status and I wouldn't respond" to ifold08's stupid comments.
  11. Very interesting how someone like me a "newbie" comes in to ask a simple question and automatically all the forums "vets" start to dish out insults instead of providing simple answer, so they decide to talk shit to boost up their status, WELL DONE! I wasn't diggin on him just point out the facts.....but look where that got me. My point proven, if you looked at my profile you would see where my posts were and not come off with the troll bit, or name calling Your exactly right. That is totally uncalled for, but i geuss you need to the boost your status. I won't waste my time with a respo
  12. You got here Jan 2009, total posts 2644 divided by approx 24 months. = 110 posts a months, divided by 30 days,= 3.6 posts per day.Last 3 posts(other than in my topic) =Today 12:19PMToday 10:53AMYesterday 9:59PMYou're not helping much either!! You're just as much part of the problem as everone else......
  13. Being new to this forum, is this how it is all time?Does it only heat up during the WSOP? There have only been about 5-6 topics daily and most of the current replies are 3-4 hours old.What's the deal?D/G
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