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  1. I had the same prop bet with my roomate in college...we went down to the swamp (i went to uf) and I hit 53...he hit 55...I'm not sayin im great or i could play college ball...but its not impossibleand most quarterbacks can hit 60 to 65...that ten extra yards (from 50)counts plenty...thats not a tiny discrepency
  2. At the bellagio on a crowded friday i tipped the floorman but i dont think it did anything. the next night, however, he remembered and i was seated without being put on the waitlist.
  3. im talking about gambling as a social stigma with no regard to legality. sorry, i should have clarified.Ok, cool, that makes the argument a little more clear.You will always find contradictions when arguing social norms. A technical argument will never persuaded someone to change a social value (the alcohol=legal--marijauna=illegal debate is a great example).Education, business, investments...one can make a strong social policy argument for each and I think this leads to their social value. Poker, on the other hand, is lacking in this respect.The argument aside, I don't think poker should po
  4. Justblaze:I'm confused on what your getting at...Are you talking about the definition of gambling in the legal sense?Are you talking about gambling as a social stigma with no regard to legality?Are you just talking about the word in relation to Webster's?Each argument is different and would be easier if we stopped jumping from one to the other.
  5. Education, business, and investments possess a social need. You really can't make the same argument for poker.
  6. This is not the expectation of buying food. Like Royal Tour said its an exchange of goods. And food isn't exactly caveat emptor. You would be entitled to some remedy.
  7. I wish I had a link for context, because this statement is too funny on its face.
  8. the only one that comes to mind was some girl posting "who is the ugliest poker player" and then getting the business from the entire forum.anyone remember that one...that was classic.
  9. Apparently not. I thought it was only for deposits only too (it says so on the site) but i cleared it.
  10. yeah i got it... give it about 24 hours.
  11. What's a good book for sports betting basics? I pretty sure parlay bets are sucker bets...what about the "if bets" on sportsbook.com?
  12. I'm just thinking that one of the nines was a seven, not that the two was wrong, my bad.
  13. Karma...AA vs. J2...dude hits J2...Well, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
  14. score one for rex.....dahhh i forgot his name. isnt that the episode when homer is the beer baron?The name's Rex Banner, Rummy...
  15. on the verge of elimination, i go for a blind steal with j9...kk along with something small calls...running jacks on 4th and 5th to triple up
  16. 5 in a row biatches...Where did DN place?Respect.
  17. Can you imagine all the fish who think it's no different than flipping coins. Oh....that would be beautiful.Indeed, the Pre-Shoot strategy in this game is mind-boggling. When I won the RPS Champion in 2002 I had a great read on "Wristy" Franklin Rhodes, He always shoots scissors from the 'hand shake' position, this gave me an edge to run rock at about 66%.Vegas Vacation did for RPS what Rounders did for Texas Hold'em. It's time RPS gets the internet surge poker has, dontcha think?RPS will only go the way of holdem if they introduce behind the back cams..."Oh, Vince, now we know that hes domi
  18. I think Caro's is good for beginners to get rid of their own tells. When even one starts, they all do the same things. Although I dont think it holds much water when reading players, it helps get rid of the obvious tells beginners usually have.
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