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  1. I think you are against Q high or a blanket bluff often enough to push your few remaining chips in a pot this size. If anything, I'd be cautious with the re-re-raise. Very few losing hands will pay that off.
  2. You've been caught out. When being tricky back-fires and you have quite likely been tricked. The raise is too great to call. Agree with JJ+ or AK.
  3. Your table image isn't going to be ruined cos its unlikely that people will see your hand. A good number of times this will work and your opponents will both fold. There's no point having an image if you aren't going to use it. If we are facing a solid hand, we might face a call, but we'll still have position. If we are facing a monster (which are reads say is unlikely), we will know about it. Either they will re-raise (in which case we will be in a good position to fold) or we will again have position on the flop.Raise 10K. A fold is a legitimate move as well, but you can't let your stack ero
  4. You really want TT at BB to be taken down PF or go into the flop with only one opponent. It gets complicated with two other players. 4 or 5 x BB will usually scare off at least one of these players and hopefully get some value out of your hand. It also makes the flop raise more intimidating when you are first to act.
  5. Considering you are on the button, I think the villain has put you on two high cards, trying to steal the blinds. Your hand is probably much better than he suspects. His raise screams that he is trying to get value out of you. In order of probability at this stage I'd put him on AT, KT, 22, 33, TT.I'd probably call the flop. Wait for a safe card on the turn, a check, then push. Otherwise I'd fold.
  6. Pre-flop: I wouldn't have made this call at MP1. You were lucky there were a number of folds there.Flop: UTG has essentially made a pot-sized bet. You are on a flush draw. Fold. The best way to deal with these aggressive types at this level is to play tight PF & flop, but then play with them (re-raise etc) on the turn and river if you have a hand.
  7. First hand:The second that Ace came up, I would have given up. I would expect there to be one ace held by one of these players about 60% of the time. In this case, you're wasting your money. If they don't have that Ace, they will probably be timid on the turn, in which case you can make your $30 raise on the river for the purposes of value-betting. Second hand:I think your opponent has a higher PP (JJ-77, maybe a lower pair) or 3 of a kind. They want this hand ended right here. Trying to scare off the draws and trying to intimidate the pair. Either you fold or they do. You could take down the
  8. Assuming its 4 handed, PF call is OK presuming you have meta-game tactics in mind. But i wouldn't do it too often either.Definitely would 3/4 pot bet that flop. Bet whilst you're probably ahead and stop him making these later (probable bluff) bets that leave you a little a confused and may end with you dumping the winning hand.I would re-raise the turn, and dump it if he re-raises again. A re-raise will usually stop a large river bet if you are behind, but will also build the pot a lot of the times you are ahead. Possibly it could lose you value if they fold when you're ahead, but I'd rather t
  9. i would probably call unless against a solid ultra-tag, planning to auto-bet the flop, try to take control of/ take down the pot. in a 6-max game it can even be a re-raise.
  10. i think if we're raising $15 PF (which i don't like too much) and call the re-raise (which i'm also not heaps keen on), we have to bet this flop, take control of the hand or get out of it quick smart.but to answer the q, i'd probably call a pot bet. without reads of course.
  11. sorry! stuffed up! the villain called the pre-flop and didn't raise. it was played at about 4am.
  12. Yeah, I played this hand abhorrently, I admit. I think I mischaracterised his style of play. He is extremely loose in his attempts to bluff, but not so much when he has a hand. If he had a hand, I think he would be betting this harder.
  13. 7 handed home cash game, that I've been playing weekly for about one year. The villain is super aggressive and loves to steal with pot-size bets pre-flop, flop & turn, at which he has pretty successful over a long period of time. So far this game, I've folded top pair once and two pair once in the face of all-ins from him. I'm fairly certain both were bluffs, but the all-ins were massive overbets which I found difficult to call.Hero: $90 (from $50)Villain (Button): $85 (from $50)We are the largest stacks on the table.I'm dealt 8 8 .50-1 blindsPre-Flop1 fold, UTG+1 calls, Hero raises $3,
  14. definitely a good call. (by the tone of your post) it sounds like you got stooged, but this happens all the time at these levels, which you'll have to deal with until their poor play comes back on them.
  15. i'm going to go against the grain and say i don't like the re-raise. there really aren't many draws on the board other than a flush draw and you can't go getting nervous every time two suited cards come on the flop. i think we're facing 2 pair and the villain is way behind. most of the time i'm waiting until the turn, then pushing 99% of the time. depending on reads. this extracts more value.
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