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  1. Live 3-table NLHE tourney. $50 buy-in for 2000 chips. One $25 rebuy/add-on allowed in first hour for half-stack (1000 chips) ONLY if you are below starting chip count.Thoughts? Worth adding on as soon as you drop below 2000, i.e., if you fold your BB on the first hand, would you immediately up your stack to 3000? Other ideas?THanks.
  2. I haven't been around for a while.What the hell happened to lovely Elisha, Royal?
  3. This question is moronic. Don't confuse your concepts.Speculative hands (like 78s) play better multiway given implied odds. AA plays better after isolating.BUT.............AA is ALWAYS the favorite hand no matter how many people enter the pot.
  4. teacher,If you are a troll than you got me.If not....Try to understand the term fold equity and how it changes the long-term EV of any move when factored into the equation.
  5. Sure I do. That's sort of what I implied in the OP. So you agree it's difficult to isolate. What about a big raise (overbet the pot, maybe even push) with JJ or AQ? Might be the only way to isolate. You saw the whole table act before you. Although, there are the few silly people who slowplay AA or something, what hand could a limper have that is better than JJ or AQ? Normally, AA, KK, AK and QQ don't limp and these are the only hands that can beat you. This is why I find checking and turning my JJ into a baby pair vs. pushing the pot a difficult decision.
  6. Judging by a few recent threads, it seems that we share the same poker brain. I don't think we could win any money off eachother!
  7. Isolate?? Maybe it's a terminology thing, but thats not really something your looking to do against 5 limpers. Anyway, AQ, JJ, 1010, I am pushing this pot right here. I would probably bet about the size of the pot, maybe even a little more. Weather I take this pot down now, or I get a call I don't mind. Your way ahead here the majority of the time. The other hands it probably depends on weather I thought I could take it down there or not.Isolating is exactly what I look to do with these hands for they play much better against fewer players. But it sounds like we play the hands you mentio
  8. This question can apply to NL cash games or tournaments.Any of the following hands in the BB: A10, AJ, AQ, JJ, 1010Let's say at least 5 limpers. Do you always raise?The phenomenon I see online is that if there are many limpers, if the first 1 or 2 call your raise, they all do (the 97o who wanted to see a cheap flop, says "pot odds!" to himself without really knowing what that means). And suited aces and small pairs seem to never go away. In other words, it is difficult to isolate in this situation and you are out of position post-flop.How do most people play this?With JJ or AQ, I sometimes o
  9. It sets a completely different tone at the table if you move on him and he is forced to fold for fear of going out on the bubble. That has real value if you use my type of aggression at the table. I want people tossing their blinds to me for fear of being put to a big decision for all their money. The immediate chip gain is more than enough to make this move, even for the most conservative players. Hands have situational value, not absolute. I've said it before in this thread: AQo is AA here. In a full table, with equal stacks and small blinds compared to the chip counts, AQo facing a r
  10. Zimmer,I think if he calls your all-in, you're probably 75-80% finishing 5th and 20-25% 1st. strategy, the biggest proponent of pushing, has been advocating a push BANKING on him folding. Might come to fruition more than not but you're not THAT much better off after this move than you are folding your SB away to warrant the risk of him calling with a dominating hand IMO. My style is not to get fancy with the chip leader with a marginal hand if I don't have to.
  11. strategy,I truly think that you CAN justify pushing and that most of your points are valid. I am not softening my stance (It's still an easy fold for me), I just appreciate that this tournament can be one by both styles of players. That is what makes poker interesting.I just think that you overestimate the NECESSITY for coming over the top and the consequences of folding in this spot (which are negligible IMO). The consequences of getting called by a dominating hand on the other hand are enormous. While you think that the chances are much greater that he has a foldable hand (and may be rig
  12. Or a fold, like I said. 8)Amazingly easy fold.What, are you disagreeing for the sake of disagreement?Refute my points if you think this is a simple fold. Show me where I am wrong in thinking that challenging the chip leader is mandatory in this scenario.I think I have refuted your points in several posts throughout this thread. You have your reasons for pushing, but to consider folding "not an option" and challenging the chip leader "mandatory" is ludicrous. There are times to take control of a table and this is not one of them.You have a healthy stack late in the tournament. You're not tr
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