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  1. That’s messed. What’s happening to the money then that I’ve paid every season? I’ve sent PMs and emails and haven’t got a response
  2. Can I please get paid for this? It’s been more then a month...
  3. Winner winner chicken dinner. Pay me my monieessssssss pleaseeeee lol
  4. Gov, can you please accept my e transfer? After a month it expires and I get dinged $3
  5. Fack. Already lost one and only have the outcast gay hick guy
  6. Well that sucked lol. I got swerved. Thought it was Chrissy for sure. I had Roark
  7. Still way too early but I think GWC has the best team by far. Chrissy and Ryan are pretty solid
  8. Lol wow had the final 3. Insane. Winner winner chicken dinner. Pay me please! Lol
  9. Wow can't believe it actually happened. These playoffs have been an absolute roller coaster of emotions. I thought it would be funny to give a quick recap the history of the Magically Delicious and how we luck boxed our way into the title. To think back to 2009, when I originally took over the team with guys like can't miss prospect Nikitia Filiatov & high priced FA rental stud D man Nicklas Lidsteon. The team actually had a lot of young talent and I could have built thru the draft. I'll admit I tried and failed. In 2014, I finally realized this strategy wasn't working. I'm t
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