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  1. it always amazes me when online (and a ton of times B&M) that a player that is bluffing "cant believe" that he was called down by a better hand."HOW CAN HE CALL WITH ACE HIGH?"more like "how can you risk all of your chips with 8 high?"terrible play, but we have all tried to get silly with a hand like 86s. we just never admit it.....
  2. you call.then check call on the river.the only reason you raised preflop with KQs was to hit your flush, and you did.seems like a no brainer to me.
  3. Good fold.SB is just looking to outlast the short stack, not double through you.Less risk folding than getting involved in any heads up pot.With the blinds at 1.5/3 with an ante, it doesn’t look good for the short stack at all.5 handed means the blinds will be to him in no time.
  4. ok.playing a 100+5 SNG at a local card room last week. over 100 players to start. after rebuilding up stack from a first hand cripple (KK preflop raise to 5X the bb, called by button, flop 984O, i bet out the pot reraise all by the button, i fold KK face up he shows 88 ), I am in the top 5 in chips.Gets down to final 18 and we take a break to table down from 3 to 2. First hand back looks like this.Blinds 1k/2k. utg has just come to this table and raises all in for 79k once the final card is dealt. folds around to the button who goes in the tank for about 3 minutes and then folds. I look down a
  5. i usually lurk, but for some reason i felt the need to post here.if the read on this guy is tight/agg then AA and TT prolly mean preflop reraise. The only reason you would push 66 at this point is to try to hit a set and double up. When the set comes, i think you push. Seems like Ax is the hand you are most likely up against. 2 spades on the flop is tough. and a third on the turn likely freaked him out more than it did you. I just think you take the chance of going broke here... so much in the pot and you only having 12x the bb if you lay down.what did you end up doing?
  6. has anyone worked on a list of free rolls on all of the sites?like regular ones?
  7. if short stack has been Ax, Kx or pocket pair everytime he goes all in, you have to think he has something decent in his band when he goes all in with 2 limpers in front of him. He is obviously looking for a call from at least one of the limpers (or whoever is left to act after him), and you cant figure he is bluffing this late in the game with that many hands already in the pot.I would likely lay my jacks down and look for a better time to attack.if you are going to put chips in, i would do what you did and reraise all in to make it heads up....
  8. I agree with Chuck.Raising all in with 88 with 2 raises before you, you have to think there is a good chance you are beat, or they have pretty decent drawing hands (i.e. 2 overs like he had). That being said, you knew the players you were sitting with and you seemed to make a good call on what he had, you just made your move with the wrong cards in my opinion.
  9. ok.i guess, if you KNOW A high is winning at that point, then you call. of course. why wouldnt you call with best hand? Im just a bit confused, with his quick call, how you knew he didnt have a Q or 2 pair....
  10. I might be confused, but I dont see how you call his all in with no pair and no draw.Other than an ace hitting, you realisticly have no chance at this point, as you say when the 9 hit for his straight.
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