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  1. we can even play some heads up cashies for funBut i am just looking for a relax game, i play 100k hands a month for a living, just looking to relax no stress fun poker.
  2. kinda feel like playing heads up anybody wanna play, whatever stakes you want 1$ to whatever , name on fcp 2eazzy
  3. Can i be the only player for my team?
  4. 19 very small winning session is nothing to go crazy about, and if i ever u decide to play 5 10 nl., please come and my tables
  5. does daniel always calls re raises out of position with trouble hands like k10?
  6. I love playing for a living, money awesome and i have never had a more stable income. The hours are amazing, you can take a vacation whenever you want play whenever you want, you just gotta be disciplined with your money and your time. He seems like a great guy but maybe he just wasnt as good as he thought he was.
  7. i wish you all the best honestly. I dont think you deserve the kinda heat you have received,
  8. Nobody can dispute that is play was totally horrendusI am usually a huge fan of is play but this was just ugly
  9. im in my name on fcp is 2eazzy we should do a high stakes league with a big entry and midstake league
  10. wow my condo cost me 235 i wish i could of gotten somehting like that for 200
  11. if u dont mind im curious how much like that is worth in tulsa
  12. what city is this? and what site u play on
  13. i am 21 and just bought my 1st condo penthouse because of poker i will post pics when i move in june not really a big place and not as crazy as this house but very proud of what i accomplished either waycongrats on your beautiful hme
  14. he played horribly on this eposide and i dont think anybody can deny that, but i guess its normal after getting some of the sickest beats in previous episodes, calling stupaks re raise without the proper implied odds or pot odds, and then calling with mid pair after farha fired at it on all 3 streets.Farha played incredible this episode is reads were DEAD on,, he plasy extremely lag
  15. i been playing for a living for almost 2 years and i have never had a losing week, but the last 2 days ive had a 8 max buy in downswing at 5 -10nl, I think this is a great experience i have kept my cool for the most part and i think my game is a+ right now except i think i was playing way 2 many tables, i was 9 tabling and my game as suffered, i will be going down to 4 tables
  16. wow was dn ever tilting on tonights show, the 7s? vs stopak calling without the proper odds or implied oddsand then call with mid pair when farha fired at it 3 times
  17. You have got me worried i will try and speak to my accountant i mite wanna declare more this year
  18. i dont think neteller as any obligation to give out any of there clients information to the cra i mite be wrong tho
  19. WHat i do is that i deposit to my bank 1,100 a week annd the rest in cash, how would they have acess to neteller? how would they know i use neteller? and neteller is in no way obligated to give up my info?
  20. What was daniel thinking on that 10 9 of clubs hand, was that a total tilt move?
  21. I live in montreal and i play online poker for a living. I pay taxes on my earning but it is so hard for them to trace or to find out exactly how much i make. Neteller offers cashouts with a neteller debit card , so u are basically getting the money in cash. I payed taxes on 60k this year, basically the min to explain my lifestyle, condo, car, etc.. If i get audited they will never have access to poker accounts or my neteller accounts. Because poker is my only source of income my accountant says i dont have much choice but to pay .
  22. living playing 1-2nl live? this gotta be a joke
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