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  1. Isolating in position against a guy Daniel feels he can out-play post-flop maybe? Seems reasonable to me. And of course, if someone re-raises he can fold having saved more money than he would have if he had raised more.
    that what i was thinking but how can he think will call him with a inferior hand then a 10, because he was tilting?
  2. I'm envious, I'm 33 and going to work everyday and playing poker once in a while online for fun but trying to consistently win. it's hard, I don't have much time and when I play, I'm tired. 5k bankroll online, that's it. you must have a mondo bankroll, do you play on fulltilt? maybe I'll rail you sometime.
    Playing tired is so hard, i only play when i am 100% fresh if not i will take the day off. The advantage you have is all the money you make can go to your bankroll. Poker is my sole source of income, so it pays mortgage, cars, etc... I wish all my earnings could go to my bankroll. I dont put enough towards my bankroll i play with about 45 max buy ins at 2 4 and about 22 at 5 10. I should be playing 10 20 or 25 50. But i just love the very little variance stable income that 2 4 provides me. You have a very nice bankroll to work with, if i were you i would buy a nice computer set up to multi table, and learn to multi table at 1/2. You should be making around 3k a month MIN playing part time at 1/2.I play on a skin of noble network, alot of fishies on that site.Anyways if you have any question about anything feel free to email mejftalbot@gmail.com
  3. do you play full time? What limits do you play?
    Multi table2 4 nl, 5 10 nl. Yes i play full time, worst month this year as been 12k. I really enjoy it. Im 21 and i just bought my 1st condo. Playing for a living is not for everyone. Beating the game is probably the easiest part . The hardest is controlling your emotions and bankroll management. If he cant beat the 2 4 nl in vegas well he just isnt a poker player cause those games are incredibly soft
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