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  1. Actually dude, you are the one overreacting and not seeing the bigger picture. At the beginning of the season the number one goal was to make sure that teams that fall out of the race have incentive to play late in the season and not default. How much would it suck if you are 8-6 and tied with a team in your division who is also 8-6. Your division rival is playing a team that is 2-12. Absolutely no incentive to play since he can't make the playoffs. So, he decided not to bother... that would TOTALLY kill the league. So, in order to curb that from happening two things were done:1) A prize will be given to non-playoff teams with perfect attendance.2) All teams with perfect attendance will be guaranteed a team for next season. It's as simple as that. If you had a default, it probably means that you won't be a part of season 2, but it's not a certainty. It also has NO bearing on season's 3 and beyond. It had to be a steadfast rule otherwise we'd be accused of favoritism. I understand "things happen," but that's why we had teams. I'll review the current state of the league at season's end and see if we may be able to come up with an alternative to maintain the team's in the league. I don't want to kick ANYBODY out, but if rules are not followed, some severe penalties are necessary to protect the integrity of the league.
    I think its completley unfair to have my team sold for 1 default espesially when i did everything i could to get to the game, and i came in 2 min to late to play my game and i wasn't aloud to play the game, i think teams should maybe be put on probation or something, even tho i am probably not going to make the playoffs i really enjoyed playing this year
  2. That would be unfair (ya I know saying its unfair sounds stupid)As it stands, the penalty for defaults is severe.1) team receives a loss (in a game they may have otherwise won) - in a 15 week season - 1 loss is huge.2) If they miss the playoffs - they cannot participate in the season ending tournament for all non playoff teams (with a chance to win an entry into the next season)3) They lose a guaranteed spot in the next season (along with all of their teamates) - this doesnt assure they will not get into a future season but does make it extremely difficult.This is a pretty SEVERE penalty, considering the entry fee was $500. Also take into consideration (and I know this isnt always the case) that it is also possible that a default in some situations may have been unavoidable (ie - someone runs out to the store and gets a flat in their car etc etc)I had expected some defaults coming into the season and this was definitely my biggest concern. I was surprised to see some early and frankly expectedthat any defaults would occur late in the season.Having team mates I would expect lowers the chances of a default as does other teams getting on each others backs.
    these rules appply for even 1 default? like i was 1 min late to my 1st guy and it really was unavoidable so i can't play in the league next year?
  3. Winning team: drawin' deadwinning player: 2eazzylosing team Cigar loverslosing player : No_Neck0time of match: 10 mini registered for the tournament and he was away, so i took is blinds when he came back he only had 380 chips left . last hand: i raise with k 8 flop k 10 3, he pushes i call, he had 10 7, i win

  4. kings in the hole DEFEATS drawing deadastrozombie0 DEFEATS 2eazzytime: 35 minutesNo real big confrontations. I caught him in a steal with JJ v 8 :club: 7 :D to end it.
    you played good, there was 2 big pots, one where the flop was 2 4 5 and he had a 3 and i had slowplayed qsand the other where the flop wasj 10 x 2 clubs, turn k of clubs, river ragi had q 10 with the q of clubs, and u had k 6 you played very well gg
  5. Last comment on this...i think the majority of the poeple on here would be capable of making a six figure salary from poker playing 1/2Nl if they played that many hands a day.
    i Highly highly doubt this, beating the game is easy but to beat the game at 4 bb a 100 hands over 1m hands in a year, and not tilt and have good bankroll management is extremely hard
  6. I was just asking as a point of interest. Nothing to do with the topic. As a side, I know we really all like poker here, but if I was playing 5k hands a day like I guess these guys are... I'd honestly never want never want to see another pair of hole cards as long as I live after a few weeks.
    hehehe, i know what you mean i play for a living and log in around 70k a month, the way i see it its alot better then a 9-5 job. Back to the topic i dont think the party pros would crush the game but i def think they have a edge in the game
  7. How many hands are they booking a day to hit that? And how many days for that matter?
    they are logging in 100k hands a month, they play alot no doubt. All i am saying is just because these guys are not tv stars doesnt mean they are not serious players. Lets not forget that most the top players like negraneau, greenstien etc are not nl experts they play all the game very well, but the online pros play exclusively NL and they play ALOT of nl. Alot of these guys on party make more then these tv stars.
  8. I don't think this has become about B&M vs online. It has always been about the OP's original statement - The top players at PP 10/20 NLHE tables would beat the HSP pros. We're not talking here about Antonius, Schlein, Schulman, Johnny Bax, and other top internet players vs the pros. That is a COMPLETELY different story as they are proven live players in tournaments and high stakes games. We're talking here about these 10/20 NL Party nobodies vs a decent high stakes pro playing in a live NL game.
    these 10 20 nl nobodies like you say make over 1m a year playing online poker, isnt thatmore then 3 times what daniel made last year in the 4-8k? Funny thing is i made more last year playing 2-4 3-6 and 5-10 then daniel in is 4-8k game. The online pros are making a shitttt load of money and are seing close to a 100k hands a month
  9. Counting the TOC, it's about 1,015,000 in tournies, and he said over 1 mil in the cash game.Let the man take a break from poker. It seems people complain he plays too much, than complain he doesn't play enough.
    you want him to take a brake from poker during the wsop?
  10. Considering he's made around 2M so far in '06 just playing poker I'd say he's doing just fine.
    nobody is doubting how good he is, i think whats frustrating for fans it seems like he doesnt try sometimes, and if hes not going to try why bother playing why not stake is protege instead
  11. Greenstein Sends Negreanu to the Golf CourseDaniel Negreanu limps for $50 and Barry Greenstein raises to $375. Negreanu comes back over the top all-in for $1,000 more. Greenstein makes the call and shows JJ and Negreanu flips over 77. The board comes A88 65. Greenstein takes down the $3,125 pot and as Negreanu stood up from the table, he told Greenstein, "Hey, I'll see you out on the golf course." There's the info for cardplayer challenged.
    how can u blame him? hes got the BIG BIG game to attend to (golf game of course)
  12. no way, Matusow does NOT hit below the belt, and you could tell Matusow was upset about Daniel talking about borrowed money, it's different when you talk about it yourself, or it's said jovially. Daniel was calling him out on it, saying "you can't play with napkins" repeatedly after matusow wouldn't respond, that's being a bully. When Mike dishes it out, he's cackling or laughing jovially, it's obvious what he's saying isnt true. Daniel believes Matusow sucks and talks down to him, saying how Mike'll never be a good player because he won't listen to his advice.
    i am a huge dn fan, but i totally agree with you
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