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  1. Im getting unlucky int he sens that every time i raise with junk somebody hs something
  2. weird play with qj, he knew i ws commitedPeople who are saying 6s was a bad call are crazy , that was a no brainer
  3. it did look like a squeeze play to is defense, pretty marginal either wayIM amazed how bad the play iswhats ure hand range to raise utg guys?
  4. i had k 6, i raised there cause k 6 is more often then not the best hand, he coulda had a tricky had like 9 10 suited or qj but 2 many hands had me completely dominated
  5. poker roll, umm about 50-60k, i ws 2 cheap to buy into this event i went threw a sat
  6. i shut him up told him i give him 300$ if he doesnt say 1 more word and i win it
  7. i never play tournys, im a acsh game player , 1500$ for like 50th is one pot at the stakes i play at, not really interesting
  8. cant play back with kq, made a very nice call with ace 4, 2 bad it didnt hold up
  9. 9 high takes it for a 15k potKq, i hate this spot, cause i been raising alot of pots
  10. agreed, but next time on the button all have the goods, maybe its time to stop the 7 other tables im playing at and concentrate on this one :)great read, got fuccckeddammit, knew he had shittt
  11. ok in the money not looking to get into big pots just tryng to chop away
  12. im 10th in chips with 150 to goi hate it when people stall
  13. why would u tell him your bad beat story, did u expect him to say WOW ive never seen that happen before
  14. Why would i lie about tryng to contact you if i didnt even want a default win, I am waiting for sleuthis to make a decision he told me to make it a default, i am asked him if he was sure he said yes.
  15. good idea, happy you finally came to your senses
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