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  1. funny i ustoo teach tennis also before turning pro, my advice is please wait till you consanstly make more then 15k a month before quitting any job, Very hard to get loans when u are professional poker player, so u gotta put alot of cash down. I don't regret at all turning pro im 22 drive a 80k car and a brand new condo, just saying this to say, its possible to make it. I had the best year of my life last year and i wish you the same

  2. I really think you should of gotten a penalty and forced to sit for at least 10 minutes when you were telling people you would give them 1k for calling a bet by ben roberts, that was EXTREMELY bad poker etiquette and you should have been punished for collusion or something of that sort.
  3. The only fish station was on my left, i coulda been abit more aggressive but u gotta understand 1 raise and u were commited and could be a 35k mistake. More i look at the deal the more i feel like it was the only option, we had no time, if u took more time anybody coulda been out and lose the 30k that we agreed on a chop. The deal worked out for everybody. If we were on ps and the game coulda been paused, i woulda asked for 85k

    You had a 70k roll before the tourney but played a 24 sat to get in?
    ya im cheap and hate tourneys, i try to limit my expenses for tourneys.During the whole tourney i tried to have a nice atmoshphere, Joking around so i dont get nervous, i was joking around the whole time putting bountys on peoples heads and stuff it was all in good fun, But i can see how alot of people took it the wrong way and i apologize for it. And if i ever get to that position again i will probably just stay quiet even if thats not my style
  4. that final table was the biggest crapshoot, I was looking to chop whenever i could, If blinds were reasonable i wouldnt of asked for any deal, and i really don't think i was playing tenatively if you see the hand history you will understand. That aq hand was standard but i did get really lucky. I doubled my roll in 1 night very happy about the situation

  5. $5 is different than 1k, and there was no mention of it after the tourney ended, added to this he's posted about how to cash out the 77k he ended up getting (which was more than he was supposed to)..But it's all moot anyways cause there's no way to prove it... I definately believe he was intending to pay the 1k for the call at the time cause he was obviously so desparate to move up in cash as was displayed by his desparate pleas for a chop from support... And finally regardless of whether he paid the 1k or not, which until he says he did I'll believe he didn't, It's f'in wrong and ridiculous to try and pay the big blind to make a call and talk about that action in the middle of a hand.... Let's also note that BMW had an opportunity with 310k in the big blind...310k posted 30 for the BB leaving him with 280... short stack pushed all in for 98k, making it 68k to call, and he folded... this adds to how bad his bribes are because he wasn't willing to make the call he knows he should've...
    yes i did send it right after the tourney, it came to 77k canadian, I said it more as ajoke then anything else but i did say it, so i sent it. I didnt have the chips to callI really don't think i acted out of line at all, i regret joking about the 1k, and when i gave guy crap for the 9s. THE THing is phatique wasnt chatting and i am pretty sure is chat was off.
    Except for the part where you were the driving force behind the worst deal in the history of poker... And the part where you offered a guy in the big blind 1k of your winnings for him to call in the middle of play, more than one time, until finally the tall stack did make the call... and I'm willing to bet that you haven't paid him his money. Other than that it was fun to watch and support and shout FCP... and congrats on the cash...
    You gotta understand the circumstances, we had no time to make the deal, support couldnt pause the game. we all had 6bb in play we were flipping a coin for 30k, crazy if u ask me
  6. Like I said in the other thread, and numerous times in the chat last night, congrats on the great job BMW. You really played well, and you got lucky when you needed to. Nothin wrong with that.Anyways, I just got to thinking, did you ever properly thank John Dagostino? He really stepped up and got the right chat guy there to help you out. I didn't really see any of the guys at the table say thanks to John, and he did a lot more than he needed to. Maybe you could email support and have them pass along a message to thank him.Anyways, great job. Enjoy your money. :club:-Shawn K
    Ya i will try to get get into one of is games and say thank you, problem is i withdrew al my money from ft and i doubt he looks at observer chatgot the hand history, post your emails, and please comment, i got extremely lucky on 2 pots, 1 i made a awful read, the other was pretty standard
  7. can I ask why you gave somebody 1st place money playing 5 handed?
    1- If we had proper time to make a deal he wouldnt of gotten the full amount, full tilt wasnt really supporting us to make a deal, we were rushed to make a deal and it was key that he agreed, 5th place was 44k2- blinds were 25-50k we all had 300k in chips and chip leader had 3m, he played is big stack really well3- deal not done in time, i could of been out next hand only had 6 bb in play
  8. Congrats on the $85,000 score then.... I don't think we have to worry about the taxes!!Good Job..PS. You buying another coupe then?Edit: 77,000.00 USD United States Dollars = 86,060.94 CAD Canada Dollars
    hehe i just bought a 06 bmw m coupe, and a condo this year, so not much i wanna buy now, My roll was very healthy before this tourney not sure if i should pad it or just throw it in investements. I dont want to get into 10-20 nl games right away i already think the 5-10 games have big enough swings
  9. I don't think I'm biased. Say you are completely readless on your opponents and are playing in a vacuum. You are playing 6 handed (I think it was) 99 is +ev vs. a UTG raise. Also, keep in mind that Crownginger called all in with an M of 1! You have to know that his range is super wide there, and it's simply a fact that 99 is +Ev vs. crowngingers range. Credog seemed to be a good player, and picked up on the situation perfectly, and he elected to gamble and give HIMSELF the most +ev, as opposed to just calling and trying to bust crown. Like I said, it's a debated issue, I simply happen to fall on the side of the fence that agrees with Credog's play. Maybe I just said something in the first place, because I don't like that BMW berated him for it.
    I shouldnt of said anything, i was in the moment
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