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  1. 1. Mostly play tourneys2. last month made 4800$canadian, i average out about 4000$3.Few profitable investements.
  2. yes you can plat at the mpc club or the vip club
  3. How do the pros train for the main event, do they play more then usual before the event or do they rest up and not think about the tournament. Would be nice to get daniels imput on how he trains for the main event
  4. hellmuth a joke, whens the last time he won anything
  5. I bet you get addicted to the rush that these big games bring to you. How can you get excited for regular daily events, when you play a poker game that you can win or loose a million dollards
  6. WIth over 6000 players expected this year do you guy think skill will play a big factor in crowning this years champ. I think this years WSOP main even will be a total crapshoot and with more and more inexperienced players entering to be part of the hottest event in vegas. So my question to you guys is with 6000 players is this event a total crapshoot? Should they raise the buy in to keep the weaker players out?
  7. I play at sportsinteraction i love the it, the software is great tournaments are great, but they now owe me over 2000$ and its been over 2 weeks and my withdrawals still havent been processed i am getting kinda worried has anybody ever had trouble with them
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