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  1. I been playing for a living for over a year, i average about 14k a month my worst month this year has been plus 7k. Its the best thing thats ever happened to me to play for a living, i dont really feel like im grinding to make payments. I put in alot of hours and never put myself in a bad situation, like playing higher stakes then i should, i gotta admit i have been suprised how easy this year as been

  2. When daniel made a standard raise with 7 8 on the button and was only raised 2100 more from a shortstack giving daniel abit more then 2,5-1 to call, in my mind that screams a big hand that wants to keep him in and is just massaging the pot so he can stick in on the flop and daniel will have no choice but to call the rest of is chips. Now there was currently 7800 in the middle on the flop, do u guys like daniels re raise all in on the flop, this was not a terribly ugly flop for daniel, he is actually a coin flip against ak or aq. Would folding the re raise pre flop been a bad play giving that he was getting more then 2,5-1, was he trapped into calling and having no choice but to call the rest of this guys chips, just though it was a interesting hand, discuss if there was any other way to play this hand

  3. I have been playing for a living over 2 years and made close to 16k last month and i still hear its just a mather of time before you lose it all, its gambling. Im lucky that my parents are very supportive about it, they think its a great tool to build my future for later with all the money that is comming in.

  4. don't really see how he can call herethere about 50 in the middle, and its a extra 110 for him to call, if he puts daniel on a flush he is a 70% dog, if he puts daniel on lets say high pocket like js,qs or ks, its almost a coin flip, and if he think is 2 overs are good he is a slight favorite, i really don't see how he can call herei don't quite get why daniel called the re raise on the flop, He is a clear dog, and he probably doesnt even have 2 lives, he is basically calling hopping to flop a flush or 2 pairs? Why not fold and wait for a better spot

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