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  1. i been playing for a living for a year and half around, make around 15k a month worst month this year has been +10, i 8-9 table 2-4nl and 5-10nl ive had a incredible time doing it, good luck .Poker is setting up my future with all the money ive made i have been able to put enough aside so when the poker wave ends i will be able to open a franchise or whatever else i feel like doing. the worst downswing ive had all year was 8 buy ins, and i still finished the month +. It really hasent felt like a grind, dont let people discourage you just cause they cant do it.

  2. This is one of those situations that your decision is on the flop.  I always see a ton of people facing a raise on the flop, just call with a strong hand and then evaluate on the turn, but thats usually not the right way to go.You need to either push the flop or fold.  Without any reads on the specific player, just going by the betting through the whole hand, then this is certainly a push, you are ahead of too many of his possible hands.  However, if you have stats or a read on the villian, and say his postflop aggression really small, or you have him read as a complete calling station, never pushes without the nuts, then you can fold on this flop.But i'd say most the time, you are pushing this flop, if its good enough to call, its good enough to push here, and dont worry about losing him, he's pretty much priced into a call.  (even though with results I guess we see he's not, b ut from the action on the flop and how much he only has left, it would appear to be that way)*oh also, I see in the chat that you have those morons that are talking during a hand.  I wish someday everyone would know the rules about correct table talk and inappropriate table talk...
    IF you are playing a deep stack cash game, i dont think a push or a fold is your only option, if i have a few buy ins, i will want much more information before sticking in all my chips in, when he can of easily been playing a 6-5 76if you got half a buy i think you dont have enough to get away from this hand
  3. I very nice fold ont he flop, can u post the results i am 90%$ sure u folded to aces.I woulda liked a smooth call if you were in position but you were out of position, i think the only way to play it is to re raise pre flop if he goes all in, u have a very tough position and if he flat calls then a even harder decision onmt he flop, u got out of it very cheap, i dont like the flat call pre flop out of position tho

  4. I been playing for a living for a few years now and for me it really hasent been a grind.The income is very steady, I mostly play 2 4 nl online, and abit of 5 10, the worst month ive had this year was plus 10k and i average around 15k, by the way these numbers are in canadian$. Alot of people ask me why i dont play higher stakes, and the answer is simple variance is much bigger and i am happy with my steady almost no variance 15k a month salary playing 2 4nl. My advice is BANKROLL MANAGEMENT, there is no reason to go broke i play with a 35 max buy in rule, and i have never came cloose to going broke but i guess i am not the gambler that most of you guys are. DOnt get me wrong i do loose ive had -3000$k days, but never a losing week or month. find a game you can beat easily and stick with it.

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