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  1. that was not the point , the point is thats hes gringing all day playing like 12 hours a day only to loose all is profits playing at a higher game later on. He plays at the bellagio and makes side bets for incredible amounts like 25k+ so why is he playing 12 hours of 10-20 when the amount he wins at this level will be gone very quickly at is usual games. The same thread was posted at 2+2 people are just wondering why is he playing 12 hours a day at lower limits then he is ustoo and he is playing much more solid then he usually do onlinemaybe somebody else is playing under is account
  2. i actually do play 10 20 for a living, so matusow has a bigger bankroll then every pro out there? really? that makes alot of sens considering he is not consistently beat any cash game right now and is abou a 2m loser online( which he admits)ALl i wanted to know is why he is playing 10 20, if he has some kind of bet going or somehting he is a -2m loser online, he seems to be doing ok playing 10 20nl, he is playing solid poker
  3. is situation is so confusing, he had a incredible year this year made cloose to 2-3m still brooke? then yesterday he asked jen harman on full tilt if she wanted to play 1000-2000 omaha. I just find it weird that he spends 10 hours a day lately playing 10 20 then wants to play 1000-2000?
  4. I find it weird that all of suden matusow is playing like 5-10 hours a day grinding out 10 /20nl on full tilt, anybody as a explanation?
  5. Not at all. I think there is some good play here. ATW did catch some cards to win big pots.your right, anyways its 2 early to tell
  6. thats a sick swing patrick must be kicking himself for not leaving earlier
  7. wow wow wow wonder if this is just negative variance
  8. is it just me or allthewomen is catching cards like its going out of style
  9. this guy marsyn is horrible, daniel is now cleaning up
  10. wow these guys are donks, daniel is getting smacked int he face by the deck, i am thinking of taking a stab at this game
  11. i been playing for a living for a year and half around, make around 15k a month worst month this year has been +10, i 8-9 table 2-4nl and 5-10nl ive had a incredible time doing it, good luck .Poker is setting up my future with all the money ive made i have been able to put enough aside so when the poker wave ends i will be able to open a franchise or whatever else i feel like doing. the worst downswing ive had all year was 8 buy ins, and i still finished the month +. It really hasent felt like a grind, dont let people discourage you just cause they cant do it.
  12. anybody have torrent files for episode 1 and 2 of gsn high stakes
  13. I think it's equally likely he has QQ.your right, espesially with the mini raise on the flop
  14. i use a min 20 max buy in rule, i would say you are playing out of ure roll, 8k min to play 2 4
  15. what were you doing on the river? was it a value bet or a bluff? what a useless bet , i also think your continuation bet was abit 2 large, u woulda gotten the same information by betting half the pot or 3 4
  16. this hand was discussed on 2+2, she clearly misplayed it and she admiited that she did, I think she woulda gotten the most by leading the flop here
  17. your 8-1 to hit your set, you would need to win a 1400$ on average every time u call to hit your set for it to be a profitable call, in this case this is a -ev
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