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  1. I was a original fcper, do i get any cheerleading:)
  2. betting k 10 there on the turn is pretty bad
  3. was really going for the win, lost 25k in cash games today so 6k doesnt change much
  4. really though he was weak, loving the insta w 9s, this is crazy how bad it was played
  5. these games are playing abit nuts, the whole tourney didnt play once for a 50 50 and never outdrew, pretty crazy
  6. 24 69 left for me, user name bmwmcoupe
  7. Ok im 22 70 left in the stars sunday million
  8. why? i wont stop playing cash games, but instead of 8 tabling cash games i will 8 table cash games and play 1 mtt
  9. I wanna start playing more online tourneys what are the biggest weakly-monthly online tournys i am basically looking for any tourney that pays more then 10k for 1st, lower then that i don't wanna botherI know about the ps sunday million the full tilt 500k on dec 17th absolute 100kanything else?
  10. still in 20th in chips, 42 548 bmwmcoupe sn
  11. I been playing for a living for about 2 years, never a losing month biggest downswing before this one was 8 buy ins, 8 buy in swings has happened to me quite often i would say at least 10 times in a span of 2 years. I only play online where the max buy in was 1000$ with abit of 10 20 not much. I really don't suggest playing for a living with a short role, makes it way to stressfull. By the way why would i lie about losing 30k, losing is not something i like to brag aboutHere were my numbers, I started playing for a living at 1 2, was making around 5-6k a month played 1-2nl, for about 4-5 month
  12. I blew 30k in 3 days playing 5 10, does that mean i should stop playing, i am still up 49 for the month. Really bad down swings happen i wouldn't suggest playing for a living at 2-4nl with less then a 15k roll
  13. it hasen't been 48 houres, they keep saying another 6 houres and now i just got a email saying another 48 houres usually party is very fast with withdrawals, never heard of a 7 day waiting period
  14. I am a canadian player and i decided to try out party this week to see how the euro games are, well after 1 week i decided i didn't like the games and decided to cash out my balance 5,2k 2 days after my cash out i sitll didnt get my funds i called in they said it was going threw a standard investigation and it will be processed within 6 houres, i called back 1 day later and they are telling me another 24-48 houres? what is going on? im i going to get paid?
  15. i dont particulary like the way lindgren played the hand,i dont think its that hard to get away from considering how erik played it. No doubt hes getting cold decked tho
  16. Lindgren wouldnt of bet the river if he didnt hit is 2 outter , daniel raised pre flop so lingren thought he was making a standard continuation bet on the flop now with daniel checking the turn, lindgren thought he was good cause fi he had a j he would probably follow up on the turn so he trys to take the pot down on the turn when daniel called the turn, he completely gave up the hand no way in a 1000 years hes firing the river. With the board being so dry there isnt 1 single hand daniel could beat on the river, not like there is flush draws or straight draw out there
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