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    spurs rule.

    This Texan is damn proud of the Spurs. Go Spurs!
  2. LOL. You should then say, "Wow, 4 flat tires! What a bad beat!"
  3. Hey guys. I was recently listening to Phil Gordon's podcast from the WSOP. He was at the final table at the $1000 NL Hold'em Rebuy event with two Aces in the SB. David Phan raises on the button, Phil deceides to reraise with his aces and Phan goes over the top all-in. Easy call obviously. Phan turns over pocket tens and sucks Phil out on the turn with a 10, knocking Phil out of the tournament and destorying Phil's deam of getting his first bracelet.Now, I've been playing pocket for 2 years now, I'm no expert but I always trying to improve my game. I can say that I'm probably one of the
  4. I have seen him limp in with that hand plenty of times. I know why he has a fondess for the hand. And why all the smart ass comments? I'm trying to post a friendly thread and people feel they have to put their two cents in and bash it. If you never play hands like those mentioned then fine, don't respond. If you do, then I was just curious as to what those hands are and why. If you have nothing but cruel things to say and aren't going to contribute to the thread in a positive way without bashing my question then simply don't respond. It's actually easy that way.
  5. Hey fellas. I wanted to know what kind of trash hands do you play that (by the book) aren't winners. We all know that Doyle loves 10 2 offsuit. For me, my hand would have to be 6 9. I don't know how many times I've flopped a straight with that hand. The beauty of trash hands is that when you do hit, you'll make a lot out of it. Oh.... 6 9 offsuit.... for some reason I don't play it suited... I guess I just don't want to hit the flush with it??? But there's hardly any logic to playing these types of hands.
  6. I hate rebuy tournaments period. I think it's unfair to allow people to buy back in after they are busted. But the problem is that people show up late to our games. I feel that they should be blinded down but I seem to be alone in this argument. We allow people to show up late with a complete stack of chips. It does seem to be most fair to allow everyone to do an add on when the hour of rebuys is up. I still feel that anyone who shows up late should be blinded down, but we never know how many players to expect. I feel uncomfortable having an empty seat with a stack of chips not knowing
  7. 666 posts... scary. :shock:
  8. Me and my buddies run a weekly game, every Sunday. It's a 20 dollar tournament with payouts to 1, 2, and sometimes 3rd. We get a good crowd for a home game, two tables at least. The problem is that not everyone can show up at the same time. Most of us work late jobs and it's impossible to start the game with everyone present. So... is it fair to allow people to enter the tournament late? Should they be penalized for doing so? The solution I came up with was to allow rebuys in the tournament for an hour, and for that time anyone can enter the tournament. I also feel that when the hour
  9. Fine, fine, fine. But it's over 50%. Or... perhaps you just all just suck at poker. How 'bout that, eh? :evil: Nah... I'm just an exaggerating <sp?> liar. Thanks for all that advice guys.
  10. Why is it hard to believe that 8 times out of 10 I make at least 3rd place? It's remarkable easy to make it in the money just by playing tightly early on and then finally making some moves when 4 or 5 players are already out. I don't keep good records so I can't say with a degree of certainty that it's 80%, I must be honest, that was just an estimation. But easily more than half the time.Seems like I should be playing limit poker then. They only low limit book I have is the first poker book I bought. Winning Low Limit Hold'em by Lee Jones. Excellent book.
  11. I play at Poker Stars. $10 1 Table SnG's. Poker Stars has 9 person SnG's with the following pay out structure: 1st 50% 2nd 30% 3rd 20% I'm not sure how many games I've played but it's enough to have earned over 600 in FPP.
  12. I've been playing poker for about 2 years now. I've only been playing poker online for a few months now. Either way, poker is still something that I have much to learn about. My question is this.... If I want to make some serious money online, what kind of games should I be playing. Normally I play One Table Sit and Go's. I'm in the money about 80% of the time. I also play tournaments but normally for just 10 dollars. Right now I'm only playing poker online as a hobby. I'm not really looking into making some seroius money with it. I do know that there is money to be mad
  13. I was at my weekly hold'em game with my friends. We've been playing for maybe 20 mins. I'm on the big blind and I'm dealt K 9 offsuit. 5 players limp in and I check preflop. Blinds are at 25/50Flop comes:2 8 9 rainbowSmall blind checks and I bet 300... around the size of the pot. I want to win this pot now with my top pair. Everyone folds except for one player. Turn comes:9I bet 300 once again. I figured if I slowed down then my hand would be obvious. I get raised, I fear an ace kicker but I rereaise all in. He calls and we turn over. He shows pocket 8'sRiver comes:QDid I play this
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