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  1. Now 1/8 won 300k guys all in with JJ vs 55
  2. Fluffdog is now Final Table on a 24k gurantee 15k to first place. hes 2/9fluffdog on full tilt!GL FLUFF
  3. I think he can really hit 101. If it was spiked up his consistent 98 would be 100 or so. His stuff is so sick. How can a hitter even see that fastball? Then your thinking swing early and he throws an 80 mile an hr curveball. Is the sky the limit for this guy?
  4. Happy Birthday Fluff. Great to finally see a huge chip stack his way at event 16. Best of luck on day 2
  5. I see a couple flaws with your list. Tom Brady deserves to be higher on the list. Although I dont like him as a QB he is a super bowl champ. He is like Manning and can make his WRs look better then they really are. Brady is a proven winner not taking away anything from the other QBs. Also Id put Rodgers ahead of Rivers. I may be bias by saying that, but I think Rodgers leads a team better then Rivers and Rivers has yet to prove he really belongs. He has put up big numbers in the reg. season but hasnt shown much in the post season. Not that Rodgers has either, but I think with more opportunity
  6. This was a much better game played on both sides. Both goalies didnt seem to be as rattled as they were in the first game. Niemi once again a rock, and Leighton finally looks like he has all playoffs. In the end Chicago's D and nice goal scoring depth will be too much. Its hard not to think Philly pulls out atleast one win.
  7. They need to go after an elite goalie. With studs like Ovechkin, Semin, Backstrom, and Green if they could just find a solution to Theodore they are set for glory for years to come.
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