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  1. last year i played in this...there were 7750 entrants and they gave away about 250 seats...i had the pleasure of busting around 600th when KK<A9...the play is poor obvp.s. read my bloghttp://www.gooddudes.com/blog/?cat=4
  2. wow...just feel like cutting someone down? thats like the most nitpicky flame of all time...but in your favor i did claim to be a comedian
  3. to clarify, I'm not a lawyer. other businesses can be called firms as well. ive been a winning player my entire career and have never had a year making less than 10k. will it be different now that i'm playing for rent, sure. but i don't think the change will turn me from a winning player into a losing one. trust me, at the limits i play, my playing more is -ev for the field. i ran at 11pt/bb at 100nl over 75k hands and am running at 3.5pt/bb at 200nl over my first 20k despite running ice cold for my last 5k hands. but like i said...root for me, hope i go bust, whatever. just check out
  4. Hey fellas, Basically my life just got effed hard. Causing me to have to turn to poker for income. Its gonna be a train wreck on wheels. Wait, trains have wheels? Anyway come check out all the gory details as I blog about them. I play well, but can I play under this kind of pressure? There's only two ways to find out...but if you think I'm going to become a sherpa and lead people up a mountain for money you've got another thought coming. For thoughts like these and a bunch that actually make sense check out the blog. Link below.http://www.gooddudes.com/blog/
  5. if by super awesome you mean 50 drinks in 24 hours then yes....ill be somewhere bleary eyed on the strip friday/sat...you'll know its me cause about 12 people will want to murder me for taking all their money playing the darkside at the craps tables
  6. if any of y'all are interested at hookups at the clubs, golf courses and gentlemens clubs, pm me i've got some connections...i also have a beat on hotel rates...
  7. who's going to vegas for the wsop and where are you planning on staying? 'll be there all of july and staying in a house just off the strip. are people booking hotels for the month or what? ill also be in vegas from next thur- sun for a bachelor party (read: search for me at the craps tables)
  8. as an aside, how would tony soprano celebrate...10M on Mr. Twinkey in the 5th?
  9. strippers and blow is a good 1000th post
  10. If you won the WSOP...how would you party that night? Not how would you spend all the money eventually...that night what would you do?
  11. isn't that the course thats associated with mgm? so if youre not staying there its essentially private...or am i blatantly wrong?
  12. What are the best golf courses in vegas that are generally accessible? Meaning they aren't private or outlandishly expensive? Any help you guys could offer would be great.Thanks.
  13. i know im late on this one...but forrealdd...youre really digging yourself a hole here with nothing to lean on...im not even sure you understand that this is a hypothetical situation where you KNOW your opponents cards are QJ...obviously this rarely if ever happens...but if youre folding AK when your opponent moves in with QJ and youre last to act on the first hand of a tourney...this is a monumental error...you may not like to committ all your chips preflop...but truthfully this is just a matter of your ego telling you youll get your chips in at some later point with a bigger edge...as the op
  14. thanks for the tips all...really appreciate it...ill let you know if i find any extraordinary deals...and report on how much i donate to the local culture while there...
  15. thanks snake those are some good leads...where in long island...islip?
  16. actually hanguk...your post was funny...i just thought four flushes reply was witty...kudos to all though
  17. well played four flusher...im sure ill be leaving on an ostrichbut id like to fly their out of nycdriving isnt an option obvwho do i ask for at the casino?
  18. Other than perusing the websites like Expedia, Orbitz etc., does anyone know of a way to obtain cheap airtravel to vegas? Can you go through the casino youre staying at? Are there often deals that will come up? Trip is in just over a month. Thanks for any help.
  19. what was the structure like in the caesers prelims?
  20. yeah...just a misunderstanding of usage really...point being im amazed it could become relevant like thisjust sayin' :-) night all
  21. remember that thread about cassidys call down and our disagreement about the percentage of hands that eventually pair...thats actually relevant against dishcloth...
  22. remember that thread about cassidys call down and our disagreement about the percentage of hands that eventually pair...thats actually relevant against dishcloth...he's uh...not so good...and a one trick pony
  23. i love it when these donkeys make a blind guess based on nothing and then call it a readalso its a good assumption that he was drawing on the draw heavy Q52 rainbow boardi know the thread is over already...but this guy is too muchalso your plan to keep playing higher until your broke is a good oneadditionally most strong players need 50 bucks startup cash on party
  24. drawing dead,you are a regular of the forum and the nl strategy forum, and i certainly respect your opinion in most instances. i am in no way trying to flame you. it was a great call. i think your reasons for thinking it was easier (i.e. pot odds and the fact that random hands only pair x% of the time by the river) are flawed. here is my problem with your logic in this instance. yes its true that you miss pairing your hand on the flop 67% of the time and miss the whole board 53% or so but that information only applies if the cards are random. without the proper preflop action, position i
  25. here's whybecause people in this forum are so protective of daniel being insulted that any negative post immediately becomes inappropriate in their mindsi didn't read the other thread so i'm not pinpointing this one, but people need to be more open to posters with other viewpoints.this is supposed to be an open forum inviting both praise and criticism, not a neo-nazi regime of daniel sycophantsplease remember that the next time your the 30th person to flame a poster who is anti-daniel or just anti-anything related to daiel
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