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  1. I hate they changed the forum style, now I can't fake it anymore...As far as me, I am banging Ron_mejico and Marion with sauces all over right now. Yum yum.
  2. PokerStars just added a new item for the GoldStar members, 30,000 FPPs for Kathy Lieberts' used and unwashed underwear.
  3. now offers the resizable feature.Now I can 10-tabling my $10/$20 6-max LHE.Good luck.Yeah, men landed on the moon, whatever...
  4. Daniel's Stars Sn?thecandle.Good luck.
  5. the letter 'O' has been changed to the number '0' (zero). You can distinguish the two easily by the difference in post counts.Hey Mr justazz, that's a small letter 'o', not the big 'O'. Is that me now, justazz?
  6. Don't be confused, son. I am the real smasharoo. The other one just stole my identity and that's all.
  7. My favorite poker games include: Carribean poker, Carribean stud poker, baccarat, Chinese paigow, blackjack...
  8. The GoalTo turn $50 in my first Pokerstars deposit into $1000.The RulesI'll play only Limit games, primarily Holdem, though I might mix in some O8 or Stud etc. later on.I won't move up in limits without at least 300BB for the new limit.I will post hands that I win and lose and explain my thinking behind how I played them.I'm too lazy to spellcheck. Deal with it. Day 34: The Final Day, The Judgement Day, The Armageddon Day... Whatever Ok, I tried to quit smoking but it didn't work. So instead of quitting smoking now I've got cigar, marijuana, coke, whatever you name it. Anyway it feels so good
  9. Who is Wayne Gretzkyish?Last time I heard it was him trying to quit smoking, or may be quitting poker as well.Who said I quit poker? Who said I've got a grand exit?Remember, I am the Poker Samurai. The grand master of poker! You stupid people here just can't stand the great accomplishments of mine, go away losers!
  10. He should play 5/10 whenever he wants, just don't try to be a smart azz telling people what to and what not to! This is America, let the freedom bell rings from the casinos in NY to the casinos in California!
  11. If people here want to watch Smashroo's play at PS, what makes you think that they don't want to watch me, Smashr00's play at PP? What makes you think Smashroo is better than Smashr00?
  12. Ok, if you really want to see how I play at Partypoker and try to improve your games, I will let you know but I will charge you $100. Send me email to Smasharoo@yahoo.com and I will tell you the details.
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