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  1. i know this guys range i play 5 live events a week and all the gukpt ukipt in uk i have met tis guys upteen times i have played him out played him and seen 100s of hands i new his range i also new anything less than ak his range on me is aa kk qq to do this in this situation he may have just felt lucky and running good on this day , i ask this question not to question myself i know its shove everytime but my poker buddy who i share lifts and winnings with critised my play i am pointing out to him that every poker player anywhere would not play so weak like he said i should have but thanks for
  2. this guy was raising to 6 to 7 x bb with pairs so 99 was out i new it was ak down to j10 i want the call if he calls i new he was drawing i ask this because my argument with a freind as he said i should flat call the short stack all in for 4500 then i can get away on flop with an a or k on itbut my argument was that this is weak and why would i give him the price to hit his drawing hands with out any pressure and why would i want to get away with qq against a drawing fish player
  3. i think playing lower blinds attracts could i say weaker players which takes away your luck factor you talk of as there will be more players in each pot trying to get lucky playing lhe is your choice but playing lhe and being tight dont really make sense to me players in limit are fishing loose aggressive i rarely meet a tight player and if i ever do he is the target for myself as would you be to these players as it only costs them $3 a round as well as yourself the point i picked up on is your questioning yourself in poker you shouldnt be questioning yourself if you are your in the wrng game
  4. i listen to kings of leon only by the night or pink floyd
  5. tournament 15k starting stack 25 minutes blinds blinds are level 5, 400 - 800your in small blind 8 players on table 28 left in tournament top 5 payout undergun folds2nd to act folds3rd to act raises 3500 from a 24k stack range has been drawing hands j10 to akfor this size raise4th position foldscut off loose any 2 suited cards moves short stacked allin for 4500dealer button foldsin small blind you see QQ with 17k chipsbig blinds has no interest in hand and is having a drinkwhat is your play and do you agree or disagree with how i play itto this point intournament i have played 1 hand from big
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