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  1. Hey I go to UF and the highest live games I've found have been 1-2 $200buyin. Can anyone hook me up with a 2-5 game or higher?? Thanks!
  2. You can email them and they'll increase your deposit limits.
  3. Wait a minute... do you think someone could go broke playing well and having 300 big bets for limit and 30 full buyins for No Limit???Thats a very scary thought... i hope the chances are as small as dying in a plane crash or something.
  4. Hi, I live in Miami Florida and I've been trying to find a boat that has middle to high stakes Nolimit cash games. I'm under 21, but over 18. I've tried looking for websites and have made a few calls but I've come back pretty empy. Can anybody give me an address and time and maybe a phone number of a boat nearby?? I want to find NL holdem cashgames with buyins from 200 to 1000. Allright, thx in advance for any help.
  5. Started playing at .01-.02 $5buyin Now play 5-10 1kbuyin and 10-20 2k buyin55k roll
  6. Hi I'm looking for mid to high stakes No Limit Holdem cash games down in south florida.... I dont know if anyone can help me find one heh. I live down in Miami and theres no live action other than $2 limit games at the indian casinos. Well hopefully someone can help me out, thx for any replies.
  7. wow thank you all of all the feedback especially akishore. Thx for all the quick replies, the info was really good!
  8. I guess I could raise upfront but I dont want to play with a few callers out of position heh.
  9. Hi. I play 5-10 1k buyin No limit holdem cashgames. I'm not sure how to play aces from early position. I don't know how much to reraise someone when I limp and then someone in late position triples the blind. I can triple their bet of 30 to 90 or i can make 4times to 120. Basically they know what I have so they can call to catch a set and then if they do I'm kind of screwed... but i guess it depends on how deep they are and how good a player they are and whatever... Anyways what are your opinions on how much you should repop it to preflop? Thanks for any feedback... and sorry if this
  10. I agree but it also depends on how good your read is and how weak your opponent is. For example if I have a pair of tens on a Q J 2 flop but I'm pretty sure my opponent has me on AK and I'm pretty sure he has a smaller pair then me then I'll bet smallish decent value bet on all streets down to the river. Ofcourse you have to be playing against a really weak player, be in position, and have a good read.
  11. The reason gus called was because there was substantial amount of money in the pot and he felt his cards wer live because either antonio had a small pair or 2 overcards. I don't think your insticts can tell you if you're going to hit or not but Brunson speaks of rushes were he keeps playing hand after hand because he's on a "rush". I dont know, to me there is just a percentage of time where you will hit the flop good and a % wehere u miss it, and thats it.Nex
  12. Hey guys, I won a ticket to pokerroom's maindraw and 1st and 2nd win prize packages to the WSOP. This is just a general question about all prize packages like this, does anyone know how to go about selling them? I emailed support and they told me they couldnt help me. Well I'ts not like iv won anything yet but I just wanted to know how it was done if anyone knows. Ok thx in advance for any replies.Nex
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