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  1. Actually Oahu. No clue on Maui. I can run a game here at the crib
  2. went out 2nd 1500$ SCRILLAAAAAAAAAAA
  3. 1/6 2700 1st prize 1/5 750k chips 2nd has 440k 1/3 HU
  4. Clingfree 4/11 in the 11$ mtt on PS starting at 1900 hrs
  5. I just laid my last 40 fpps on the line, cross your fingers!
  6. Weirdest Collection Of Online Porn" This looks like my childhood neighborhood"
  7. Well, being in the AF, he should be able to do that.Kirkuk or Balad?"Bring it meat"Shukran for your time
  8. Hows it my Australian brotha from a different motha!
  9. I f you knew what you were saying, you may qualify to be a GAY porn STAR!!
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