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  1. I think that folding is fine. Then again, I don't think calling is that bad either. But I lean toward folding.I do, however, think that a c/r on the flop might be better. I understand what you are saying about getting opponents that don't improve to fold, but then it puts you in a bad spot on the river when you don't improve. Which, is most of the time. If it goes 4-bets on the flop you could lead the turn and fold to a raise, or call if you pick up an oesd. Just curious, do you c/r any turn? *shrug* I don't know, it seems like things are waaay different online at these limits that in live ca
  2. So, it's pretty much just Zach and Actuary left in the limit section huh? wow...Anyway, couldn't you raise the turn and fold to a reraise? Or even some of the time get a free showdown when he just calls the turn? Just curious what your thoughts are on this. I took a break from poker for a few months so I may just be very rusty. *shrug*
  3. Umm...Isn't this just your opinion? So ultimately doesn't it just account for Jack ****? *shrug* I guess hypocrisy is okay where you're from.
  4. You are absolutely right. But when you ask the other person and they don't say anything, but call anyways, it is still live.Nobody at the table is even allowed to say anything when it is obvious that you are about to hit a jackpot. Most people who frequent cardrooms enough will make sure not to do anything that might kill it. If there is a board that looks like it has jackpot potential then they aren't going to chop anything. They are going to try and get money in the pot. At the casinos I play at there has to be a certain amount of money in the pot so the jackpot doesn't get taxed. You can o
  5. Most people will chop with even very strong hands, mainly cause of the rake. In the casinos that I play at there is a bad beat jackpot, so usually one of the players will ask the other if they have a jackpot hand. If they both have a potential jackpot hand they might check it down and chop after the hand. This might not always be the case, but if I were you I would have asked if he wanted to check the whole way then chop after the hand. If he says no then I wouldn't check it down.
  6. Looks good before the flop. Bet the flop though. If he's anything like the loose players I come across in the 4-8 Kill games, he doesn't have to have a great hand to cap preflop. So don't be afraid to bet the hand the whole way. If you get raised then you can slow down. Check calling is not a great play imo.
  7. I play $6-12 Kill or $9-18 Kill (if it gets started) at my B&M casino almost everyday, usually five times a week. It is almost always a table full of regulars when the game opens and I see the same people almost everyday. They know how I play, or they know what I let them at least.When the games are tough, with a lot of observant players, I mix it up a bit like EX #2. Raising up front with a suited connector can often win me the blinds, as long as the game conditions are right. If I get action and showdown my hand, it can cause the players to give me more action, or at least put someone on
  8. sounds like a pompous staement to me. *shrug* I guess it's okay when you do it though.
  9. Since nobody even thought to mention the benifits of GROWING CANNIBIS...here....http://www.jackherer.com/Since so many are so knowledgeable about marijuana and why it should be illegal, here is $100,000 if you can prove this guy wrong. OP: Maybe you should learn about both sides of an argument before you open your mouth. You clearly know nothing about this drug. Oh, good luck on getting $100,000 cause nobody has done it yet.
  10. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=unhea...america&spell=1Damn those scientists and their knowing more than you. Learn to argue...in fact here...http://www.nizkor.org/features/fallacies/if that doesn't help...here http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=logic...fallacy&spell=1congrats, you explained how YOU being in shape makes your city in Shape. That makes every bit of sense. There should be one of you in every city in america, then we could all be healthy!
  11. aseem,I agree with you in this situation. This is a fairly harmless situation. I play live way more than online, and in some situations i often feel my opponent has hit with me. I would likely bet in these situations, like say I feel like my opponent is on a weaker ace. I would of course only do this if i felt my opponent was going to call. I would also do this move if I felt like he a strong pair and it was a weak player. For me, much of my decision is opponent dependent and based on feel. I would rather put my opponent to a decision than have to make one on the river. I especially wouldn't w
  12. i think that you should have bet at least $10 on the flop, and more on the turn.
  13. I just call here. Unless this guy hates money I wouldn't be surprised if he showed a 6 something. Honestly I wouldn't be all that surprised if he had a couple of jacks in his pocket.
  14. i would say call the flop, unless you have ome kind of read on this guy.
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