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  1. How do you play hyper-turbos, and turbos? It seems more gambling to me, so I try to get the longest blind increases possible. Usually the .25 90 man. I bubble most often, but haven't done any in a while since I don't have a BR anymore. I'd like to be able get more volume in without leaks becoming floods.What are the differences between MTTs and single tables? Strategy wise.
  2. I've been out of a BR for a bit now, and found out the NAPL games are pretty numerous. I've been getting to the final table of those shootouts, but every freaking time, without fail, I will get second place. I have no freaking idea how to deal with those loose donkeys that are completely obsessed with trying to outplay you every freaking hand. No matter what, they will raise every single hand and will claim they are very good. I'll wait, and wait for the perfect timing to go all-in, but when it comes, I get donked. I don't just fold to this point, I'm heads up usually, and will have a very goo
  3. And where would I get useful advice from? I don't see blogs on this site.
  4. I was hoping on the river that they would have folded. Should I have done the turn and river different?Feral Cow PokerPokerStars Limit Hold'em $0.02/$0.04 - 8 playersMP: $2.20 HJ: $0.68 CO: $1.20 Button: $2.37 SB: $0.23 BB: $1.19 (Hero)UTG: $1.30 UTG+1: $1.09 Preflop: (1.50 SB) Hero is BB with (8 players)UTG calls, UTG+1 folds, MP calls, HJ checks, 3 folds, Hero checksFlop: (3.50 SB) (4 players)Hero checks, UTG bets, MP calls, HJ calls, Hero raises, UTG calls, MP folds, HJ callsTurn: (5.25 BB) (3 players)Hero bets, UTG calls, HJ callsRiver: (8.25 BB) (3 players)Hero bets, UTG calls, H
  5. This was the first hand in the button for this table. Next few hands are in order from said table. I believe my read on UTG+1 was that he was just raising every hand he was in, but I had only saw four hands from him. My real question here is: what are ideal conditions to try to improve outs on the turn? Feral Cow Poker Hand ConverterPokerStars Limit Hold'em $0.02/$0.04 - 9 playersBB: $0.80 UTG: $1.21 UTG+1: $0.58 MP: $1.99 MP2: $0.71 HJ: $0.16 CO: $1.79 Button: $0.97 (Hero)SB: $1.88 Preflop: (1.50 SB) Hero is Button with (9 players)UTG calls, UTG+1 raises, 3 folds, CO calls, Hero calls, 2 f
  6. Stupid douche, should have seen this coming. He kept telling me how I would get owned in a real cash game, which was funny.A pack of feral cows chewed their cuds for .0043 seconds to convert this handPokerStars Limit Hold'em $0.02/$0.04 - 5 playersCO: $0.62 Button: $1.58 SB: $0.46 BB: $0.79 UTG: $0.80 (Hero)Preflop: (1.50 SB) Hero is UTG with (5 players)Hero raises, CO folds, Button calls, 2 foldsFlop: (5.50 SB) (2 players)Hero bets, Button callsTurn: (3.75 BB) (2 players)Hero bets, Button callsRiver: (5.75 BB) (2 players)Hero bets, Button raises, Hero callsButton showed , and won ($0
  7. He was loose.Converted by the cows of Feral Cow PokerPokerStars Limit Hold'em $0.02/$0.04 - 6 playersSB: $0.51 BB: $0.29 UTG: $0.72 UTG+1: $1.61 CO: $1.13 Button: $1.34 (Hero)Preflop: (1.50 SB) Hero is Button with (6 players)3 folds, Hero raises, SB folds, BB callsFlop: (4.50 SB) (2 players)BB checks, Hero bets, BB callsTurn: (3.25 BB) (2 players)BB checks, Hero checksRiver: (3.25 BB) (2 players)BB bets, Hero calls
  8. The villain was a complete douche. First hand with him, I bluffed him out and he calls me a donkey. He starts to call everyone a donkey, and then plays trash hands. So the whole table and then some started to rag on him. After doing some hands with him, I finally get back into the green with my last hand of this table. A pack of feral cows chewed their cuds for .0043 seconds to convert this handPokerStars Limit Hold'em $0.02/$0.04 - 3 playersSB: $0.80 BB: $1.79 Button: $0.75 (Hero)Preflop: (1.50 SB) Hero is Button with (3 players)Hero raises, SB folds, BB callsFlop: (4.50 SB) (2 players)B
  9. Going to be playing limit for a while, so this is in need. Just micro limit hands; winning hands, losing hands and hands to get critiqued! Got almost as much as I could.Feral Cow Poker Hand ConverterPokerStars Limit Hold'em $0.02/$0.04 - 5 playersSB: $0.74 BB: $0.95 UTG: $1.95 CO: $0.65 Button: $0.56 (Hero)Preflop: (1.50 SB) Hero is Button with (5 players)UTG folds, CO calls, Hero raises, SB calls, BB folds, CO callsFlop: (7.00 SB) (3 players)SB checks, CO checks, Hero bets, SB calls, CO callsTurn: (5.00 BB) (3 players)SB checks, CO checks, Hero bets, SB calls, CO callsRiver: (8.00 BB)
  10. I love missing all my flops. ITS JUST SO FUN TO LOSE MONEY.I like to lose to Q7s by every ****ing player the table. What are the odds of that happening in a row? I seem to grasp poker, though I must miss every ****ing draw, never win with my sets, make sure someone AWAYS has the a bigger boat, make sure to call every tight players loose raises. Down another ****ing ten dollars.
  11. That Omaha, is it even possible to put someone on a hand? It seems no matter how tight or loose you are, it's still gambling.
  12. Oh god, I used to play the first hardcore. I wish I could play the second. I hear playing both poker and starcraft makes you better at both. Also, starcraft gives you piano fingers. Triple plus, easy town.
  13. Made my first FT at a .25 45 man today in a long while, got immediately busted with a A9o versus a 76o, flopped pair, he ran the double. I had to burst my bubble.
  14. I think I was thinking that if he had the tens, that he would've re-raised me seeing as there's a flush draw out there. So I posed the trips, and he called. I think he might have the flush draw at this point, so I over bet, and I was under the impression that over betting the pot on flush draws would be a smart move, but I didn't take into account there's just one card left. It would've been better to have bet smaller, less of a risk. I was trying to buy the pot on the turn, though I probably would've stacked off if that spade didn't hit. Another thing is I believed he was either slow playing
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