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  1. Ahead of his range? If he calls we are at best a minimal favorite... we will never be much ahead of any 2 cards with 22
  2. Perhaps this is slightly off topic, but I'm going to my local casino this weekend to play in 3 poker tournaments, with buy-ins ranging from 100-300. I'm super pumped as I'll be staying in the hotel there for a couple of nights, it will feel good to get away.I'll be sure to post up and important hand situations that might come up.
  3. I'll definitely do that next time I get in that situation.Hopefully soon, haha.Thanks.
  4. If you wanna switch up your preflop play, raise it up a bit more. Given the villain's stack, his range is very wide here. This presents a nice opportunity to raise it up another 4-5x which will in most situations induce a fold, and every pot is important at this stage of the tourney.This is the only way I would play preflop differently. Ultimately it depends on the read here though. If villain is playing seemingly every hand (which I'm assuming as it's commonplace in small stake tournies), making a sizeable raise could very well get him to fold.This brings up another point. If you are sit
  5. I suppose the only different thing you could do is c-bet the flop, which I'm not sure would be a good plan. Other than that it's well played, just have to bite the bullet and fold. Funny how often QQ and KK attract overcards
  6. Hey man, I know you've had countless deep runs in tournaments. Could you give me some advice on final table play? It seems I always get run over by the big stack who feasts off my blinds and I'm constantly up against 3bets. Either I'm always picking bad spots to bet, or I'm just not committing myself enough to pots.Any practical advice when playing vs a big stack when you are 4/5 handed at a final table?
  7. You can't really be serious here, right? I am hoping you are just posting this hand to gain some commiseration, because there should never be any question in this situation.And these "coolers" happen all the time in these shovaments. Learn to expect them, because they are going to come, and come alot. You can't let them get to your head; if you do, these tournaments aren't for you. Turbos, that is.
  8. This.I mean, essentially it comes down to your read. But from my experience, I see a lot of players in weak tournaments throwing out what looks like a value bet, when they really have a busted flush draw or something. They are too scared to throw out a big bluff, but they don't want to just concede the pot either. He could have a jack, sure, but I think the odds are in your favor to call given that he could very well have the 2nd best hand here.
  9. Okay thanks. I think what compelled me to call was the fact that if I had won the hand, I woulda been chip leader and had a great shot to make it HU. And if I lost, I wouldn't be entirely cripped because I'd still have around 20 BBs.Just needed to know it wasn't a horrible call. But I do agree with you rrumsey and in most situations I would fold there.
  10. Yeah what's your SN? Perhaps I'll run into you in those 180s, those are a good portion of what I play.
  11. Finished 4th, not bad for losing above hand and being 8/8 for a little while. I got frustrated though near the end. I was playing well and felt like I could get HU pretty easily. With 4 left, there was one guy with like 1.5 mil and the other 3 of us all had around 400k. The big stack was bullying me left and right. My question is, when I'm being bullied like that, how do I react? When he is raising 3x BB when blinds are 5/10k, do I just shove over the top with any ace pre? I just didn't want to risk all my chips on a marginal hand when I had a good opportunity to move up the payscale.
  12. Is this the right play here or too risky? It's the final table, so there's generous gaps between pay spots.once a cow has a taste for violence, it reverts. it becomes feral.PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em ($10+$1) t3500/t7000 ante t875 - 9 playersSB: t151,049 BB: t393,227 UTG: t84,851 UTG+1: t346,244 (Hero)MP: t218,967 MP2: t512,055 HJ: t365,960 CO: t472,102 Button: t344,545 Preflop: (t18,375) Hero is UTG+1 with (9 players)UTG folds, Hero raises to t14000, 5 folds, SB raises to t150174 and is all-in, BB folds, Hero calls t136174Flop: (t315,223) (2 players)Turn: (t315,223) (2 players)River:
  13. Have been playing poorly today but I'm in the money and close to the final table in an 11 2R1ATournament #331148720
  14. Just going to be 1 tabling tonight -- gunna see how my results compare vs multi-tabling.
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