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  1. How would a world without a single Marriage looks like ?!Listen to this ..
  2. By reading Phill's blog, still I am not sure Whether Phill is bluffing or believes every thing he writes in blog.That sure is an Indication as to how great player Phill Hellmuth is.Because you got no idea whether he is bluffing or means every thing he writes.-- Experiencing without judging is the highest form of Intelligence..
  3. I wish good luck to DN that he would find love again.Arrange to have at least someone in your life whom you can fight for and give to.Does this mean that you shouldn't live alone or that you must get married and have children? Absolutely not.The point is that you must make yourself in some way responsible for at least one other life. The life you choose may be that of a lover, a child, an elderly person, a neighbor, an animal.Your achievements can resonate in your own mind only if you have at least someone who depends on you--on your efforts, on your productivity, on your insight, on your love
  4. Good poker players in general are highly emphatic.They learn to see the world through other people's eyes.That in itself is good thing for relationship.But I have seen lot of them lacking sympathy.After giving and receiving numerous bad beatsthey don't feel sympathy towards bad beats.Compassion is nothing but combination of empathy and sympathy.
  5. Divorce.O hell, to choose love by another's eyes!If you're with a person whom you don't love, all the approval in the world will only make you feel more lonely. The envy of others will only make you see your "successful" relationship as more of a mockery.And if you're with right person, even the most scathing assaults can hardly dim your happiness. You alone know how happy you are, how fulfilled. Critics, both real ones and figments of your imagination, are impotent to harm you.
  6. Daniel has lot of maturity in playing poker.But it would be wrong to conclude that he hassimilar maturity in other aspects of life.Just listen and read what he has to say about poker.His views on other things, you better ignore it.Don't take those things seriously.--------------->| Hey. I just joined the forums tonight and am a loyal watcher of your video blogs. I am also one of like 50,000 my space friends you have and knew that emailing you there would probably not get me a response. I have heard you say how you check these forums in your blogs, so I am hoping you will read this, or an
  7. In Chip Reese's own words:Lot of poker players don't understand the object of the game"The object of the game is to increase your wealth, improve your lifestyle, and provide for your family.”
  8. Following were the train of thoughts before I participatedin the WSOP circuit event last year.1. Even though I am not a good nolimit hold'em player,I believe I can make some where between 0.5 to 0.8buyins per event.2. It costs me about $1500 in travel costs to playthese events. And house takes about $500 as juice(3% toke + $200 entry fee).3. Free roll offer adds about 300k to 400kper event in the prize pool. (Lesser the people participate,better the deal.) [On average this is about 2k per entrant.]4. average Joe (like me) doesn't get shown on good light withESPN as they get shown on WPT. I got
  9. You probably already know that,Your blogs are real bore without high limit poker content.Now a days it is hard to read your journals after first paragraph!
  10. Dear Daniel,I hope what I say would set you in a right frame of my mindfor more success.From point of view I get from your blogs it looks to me that yourheaviness of being successful need to be replaced by lightnessof being beginner again (less sure about everything).Remembering that you'll be dead soon is the most important tool you 'll ever encounter to help you make the right choices in life. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride,all fear of embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remember
  11. After repeatedly hearing about Daniel's sideof the story from fullcontact,It is refreshing to see Barry's side of the story.check out the following link :http://www.cardplayer.com/poker_tournament...n=video&id=1226-----------"But oh, how bitter a thing it is to look into happinessthrough another man's eyes!" - Shakespeare
  12. Dear Daniel,With your current mental state as seen from your blog:My prediction is that you would lose 9 matcheswith Barry G by 3 - 6 or worse.Please prove me wrong by beating Barry G.I like both you and Barry G.You both have inspired me to take poker seriouslyGood luck.-----------------"O hell, to choose love by another's eyes!""But oh, how bitter a thing it is to look into happinessthrough another man's eyes!"
  13. LewFather,Cards and conversations always went together.Probably it always will.It sure is one of the nice part of playing poker.Some minor amount of needling now and thenI sure consider to be part of the game.Some times it just happens that 2 people in the table start talking loudly about a thing/topic which rest of thetable knows nothing about. If they talk for few minsabout it, it is pretty normal. But when they go onand on it gets annoying to the rest of the table.There is no law against someone's fundamentalright being a jerk or a clown. It is just a social etiquette.--------------------W
  14. I am very happy to see that Daniel and Lori got back together.After winning 2 WPT events, It is normal for any human tothink himself to be immortal.Classic mistake lot of winners make is :they assume since they are in top of the world in one particular field (whether it be any game, acting, singing or business), their opinions on various things in life must probably be right.I was playing with Daniel in Reno, Bellagio 25k, Rio, Bay101in the last 2 months.Daniel is understandably little kocky.But not any where close to the level how 90% of otherpro players would behave after winning 2 big WPT e
  15. Daniel you are honest with lot of things.Now tell me:Do you really like pokermountain software??Do they have any plans to make software better?
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