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  1. @KingJames: Never really put it together like that, thank you!! That will probably fix a lot of problems I am having since my math is not including bets, only what is already there in the middle (which now seems kinda stupid when you put it like that lol). I am self taught on everything so I am definitely still rough around the edges.@ NinjaAce: I said, I "am trying to learn how to loosen my game a little (hence the limp since that is not a hand i feel strong with)" before I said I play tight aggressive in MTT. This play was an attempt at that. I never even play 46 suited normally.
  2. Ya, I should add I am new to cash games and 6 handed. I am much better at MTT and am trying to learn how to loosen my game a little (hence the limp since that is not a hand i feel strong with) and learn cash games which seem to be a much different beast. This might be like jumping in the deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim for me, lol, but gotta learn somehow I guess.With the pot so small (.06), and the bet so small (.02), I thought I was trying to make a better hand fold. At the risk of sounding stupid, why .12? I can totally see it working in most cases (it's 1.5xthe current
  3. So this is my first post to this forum, and since it seems that people have no problem giving their true bare bones opinion about how to handle a play, I waited until I found a good one to get some advice on, lol. I am still kind of new to playing draws, so I am not quite sure how to properly handle them overall.In this hand, I was still kind of fresh playing at the table, but in waiting for the blinds to come to me I knew the SB was LAg and the BB was TAg, and their big stacks were going to call any preflop shenanigans I might try. I came in small at only 50BB, and only a couple hands earli
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