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  1. I hope it's still a donkfest when I play in 2007.Give me a table with Mrs. Williams, Cecelia Reyes (Carlos Mortenson's ex) and even Mushu.Oh, yeah... throw in Varkoni's wife. She and hubby are both donks.
  2. It's for my deadly accurate throw to 2nd base from right field for anyone stupid enough to try to stretch a single into a double on me.oh yeah... I also like shooting flying squirrels with a BB gun as they emerge from holes in my roof at night.
  3. In my 20 years of experience at this silly game, regardless of how you play a hand, ANYONE with aces cracked is going to whine their ass off. Get used to it. You did fine.
  4. A couple of comments from a dad with two kids in elementary school...Thank God for John Stossel and the piece he did on the current state of education in America. Very rare for the liberal media to present a story such as this.We all scratch our heads and say there is no easy fix, when in fact the easy fix was used as an example in the story. Adopt the policies that are used at the school that spends $3000 per child, and you have your answer.Lastly, I'm in favor of public education, and certainly appreciate everything teachers do for our kids, however, in an era of 1-2 percent inflation, why
  5. Alcohol has facilitated me getting laid on a couple of occasions, therefore, I think it's a good thing.
  6. I don't have a problem with a TD throwing that option out on the table.A lot of players who have never been to a final table aren't even aware of deals or chops, and they think you are trying to screw them out of money.The TD probably just wanted to finish up the tourney quicker and get the hell home.
  7. I've said it before and I'll say it again...I'd be gooin' all over Gowen.
  8. Good discussion FCPers.I'm going to Vegas next Thursday.Is the Excalibur still the fish farm it was last time I was there?I hate the joint, but man those guys sucked.
  9. This was one of the funniest, yet most serious discussions I have read here. I wish I had seen this earlier in the week.Let me tell you from experience, hiding your passion for poker from your wife or girlfriend really sucks. You come home smelling like a casino and they get suspicious. They find a poker chip or two left in your pants and you're busted. They see ATM withdrawals from the casino or NetTeller transactions and you're busted.It's not an easy thing to compromise on either. Who can really play for an hour here, or a couple hours there? Chicks don't understand a 20 hour sessio
  10. That's my wife... after I've had 13-14 gin and tonics...Actually it's Joanna Krupa...I'd give her the juice.
  11. I love stories about any of the four G's... Golf, Gambling, Girls and Gin.
  12. Registered but no deposit yet.Did anyone else find their screen name was already taken? I assumed maybe this would be locked up for me.
  13. Reading DN's blog is like reading a diary. Almost nothing apparently is off-limits for Daniel to share with us FCP participants. We see every penny that is won or lost, hear about his religious views, politics, vegetarianism... etc. Christ, he even let us all know when he was going to propose to Lori before she even knew. Many of us know more about Daniel than we do about our own family members. I don't buy that you must "meet" him face to face to have any insight into his situation.Daniel can choose to ignore any advice he wants, from anybody, but that shouldn't stop people from stating
  14. I think Brownbeard is just articulating the pain that I'm sure we all feel when we read about a bad night at the tables for DN. 'Been a long run of bad nights it seems.I personally cling to the hope that losing half a million in one night is just a drop in the bucket for DN, but none of us really knows except DN.Gambling is like heroin to some people. If a good friend was shooting up too much, wouldn't you feel compelled to give some advice?If DN ended up broke, it would'nt be the first, nor last, great player to do so.Anyways... I don't think its cool to rip Brownbeard to shreds for being c
  15. Harrah's owns Binions, therefore they are the same. I'd guess they moved it 'cause there's not enough space at Binion's, plus they wanted to promote their "higher end" properties, like the Rio.
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