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  1. Over on Planet STACKED we have the first screenshots from the PS2 version of STACKED. STACKED is, of course, Daniel's upcoming poker video game which should be released around September. These shots also show off the new interface.http://www.planetstacked.com/stacked/screenshots/And in case you missed it, we also have an Evelyn Ng video profile and we're giving away a trip to Reno to play the game.
  2. Over at Planet STACKED we have a new video profile of Evelyn Ng, talking a bit about poker and her involvement with Daniel's upcoming poker game. Here's the links to watch:Watch Evelyn Ng's STACKED Video Profile [Full-Size WMV] (49 MB, Windows Media required) Watch Evelyn Ng's STACKED Video Profile [Full-Size MPEG] (47 MB, MPEG required) Watch Evelyn Ng's STACKED Video Profile [Medium-Size] (25 MB, Windows Media required) Watch Evelyn Ng's STACKED Video Profile [small-Size] (17 MB, Windows Media required)If you're having trouble loading these videos in your browser, right-click, save as over t
  3. Not true, he came in second in the Deuce to Seven event last year.
  4. Yup, the PC/Xbox/PS2 version should be released at the same time with the PSP version coming a couple weeks later.
  5. If you entered before, please enter again because we had a technical problem with some entries. Thanks!
  6. Don't forget to register, your odds of winning something aren't bad!
  7. What's the error message? Email details to kbowen@planetstacked.com if you could, thanks.
  8. PlanetStacked is giving away a free trip for two to Reno to visit the developers of Daniel's upcoming poker video game, STACKED. You'll get to play the game before its retail release, find out a little bit about how games are developed... oh, and you'll also get $1000 in "spending" money. Try not to lose it all in one sitting, OK? Click here for complete details and the entry form. Good luck!P.S. We're also giving away STACKED t-shirts to 25 not-quite-winners
  9. PlanetStacked has an interview with STACKED developer Tim Page. If you're curious to find out how Daniel's poker game is coming along, give it a look.They're currently looking at a release date around September, but no hard date has been set as of yet.
  10. Probably around September, but there is no "set in stone" release date yet.
  11. A new video of Daniel's poker video game, STACKED, was released at the recent E3 video game conference/show, here's the links for y'all to check it out from PlanetStacked:Watch the STACKED E3 Trailer [Full-Size] (38 MB, QuickTime required)Watch the STACKED E3 Trailer [Medium-Size] (28 MB, QuickTime required)Watch the STACKED E3 Trailer [small-Size] (12.7 MB, QuickTime required)If you're having trouble loading these in your browser, hit right-click, save as over the link to download them.
  12. I agree that it'd be nice if they showed more hands.I think the show is geared more towards casual poker fans, though. That's why there's all the player profiles, interviews, and whatnot. Also, I think Gabe Kaplan is doing a pretty nice job announcing, he's certainly a lot funnier and more insightful than Norman Chad.
  13. Daniel's poker game has been officially announced for the PS2! Here's the news from PlanetStacked:The surprise is that there's interoperability between the PS2 and PSP versions: not only can PS2 and PSP users play against each other online, but they can also transfer their career mode progress to the PSP from their PS2 and vice versa. Here's more details: Details regarding STACKED's online tournament system were also recently announced, you can find that here.
  14. Pfft, all these camps suck compared to Camp Fillmaff!http://www.planetstacked.com/fillmaff/camp...pfillmaff.shtmlHe's also giving away a free trip!
  15. In case you didn't already know, Daniel is the star of an upcoming PC/Xbox/PSP poker video game called STACKED. For more information, check the newly launched Official Site.Over on my site, PlanetStacked, I just posted the first details about STACKED's in-game tournament system. Here's the link:http://www.planetstacked.com/stacked/masters/Here's one of the more interesting parts:
  16. Check out http://www.planetstacked.com for more info.
  17. Here's the link to the photo shoot artice in case you can't find it now:http://www.planetstacked.com/features/arti...les/photoshoot/
  18. That's right, there's no such thing as an arrogant poker player!
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